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> STUDIO ACOUSTIC PRODUCTS >> increase the bandwidth of absorption without having to

remove product already installed while making the best use of thinner materials. It used the patented Variable Depth Air Cavity system and produced foam that can be layered to increase performance. RPG Acoustic Tools are room kits made from its Absorbor and BAD panel line, these are traditional fabric wrapped fibreglass panels, which offer increased bandwidth and a range of colours to produce a more customisable aesthetic. RPG has had many prestigious clients, such as Real World Studios, the BBC Studios Maida Vale, Sony Music, The Hit Factory, EA Sports, Code Masters and many others. >

EQ ACOUSTICS EQ Acoutics, formerly known as Acousti Pro, are UK manufacturers and suppliers of Acoustic Treatment, Sound Proofing and the Studio Anywhere range of modular acoustic structures, which ranges from vocal booths and control rooms to entire performance facilities. The company specialises in providing solutions anywhere where modular acoustic structures ranging from vocal booths and control rooms to entire performance facilities are needed. Its team consists of technical sales, studio designers, qualified acousticians, commercial project managers, music lovers and music industry veterans with a combined 50-years of practical experience. By manufacturing in the UK and distributing products directly from its own warehouse facilities, it can adapt to most budgets.

The company offers services including studio design and build and provides high-performance firesafe modular room systems that, it feels, out perform traditional build methods sonically and financially. From vocal booths and control rooms to full performance facilities, it designs and installs its products quickly and with minimal disruption in full compliance with UK fire regulations and BB93.

Eq also offers acoustic treatment for home and project studios, home cinemas and listening rooms, commercial studios for recording post production and broadcast, in addition to varied work for schools and offices. The company can custom manufacture parts from its wide range of materials to exact specifications, subject to suitability. >


Primacoustic is a manufacturer of numerous acoustic materials for various markets. Its staff has a collective experience of over 30 years in the studio and live sound markets and 15 years in acoustics. The company is highly focused on educating its customers through its website and client interaction and offers a large range of acoustic solutions from room kits to panels, bass traps, diffusors, Studio Globos, IsoTools, hardware and more. Radial’s Peter Janis comments: “There is a lot of misinformation regarding the performance of acoustic panels. The single most important element is understanding that just like a loudspeaker, if you do not produce a reasonably flat response,

your reference will in fact not be a

reference at all. This, in our view, means that you really need to balance the absorption. Think of a three way speaker – wonderful mids and highs do not make up for a blown woofer.” Below are actual tests done by the same laboratory on Primacoutics versus a valued competitor, which demonstrate product performance.

“In the studio, bass management is critical, but users tend to not fully understand what a bass trap is actually doing,” Janis continues. “It will not reduce the bass in the room, it will reduce the bass reflections in the room. This in turn means that it will reduce the effect of room modes where you either get hotspots or severe cancellation. Most bass traps are only marginally effective. This is because they are limited by their size. A new trend in design incorporates a diaphragmatic resonator. This is how our MaxTrap works. Essentially it is a giant microphone only capable of capturing low frequency energy.” >

UNIVERSAL ACOUSTICS Universal Acoustics is a UK manufacturer of acoustic products based in Milton Keynes. The company states that it is unique among acoustic foam manufacturers by being able to provide a range of contemporary profiled designs cut from Basotect fire retardant material the meets class O ratings for use, not only in studios but in public spaces. It is also the only company in Europe that can produce coloured tiles. Universal Acoustics offers a wide range of products including speaker isolating Vibro Pads, Solar System kits, absorption tiles, diffuser tiles and bass traps. They also supply specialised glue, formulated to give great adhesion to walls, while leaving the foam undamaged. All its products are made in the UK under the watchful eye of its staff to provide quality control during the design and manufacturing process.

It provides acoustic treatments for use in recording and broadcast studios, music rehearsal rooms, audio and language labs, boardrooms, offices, staff rooms, gymnasiums and any open spaces that require efficient sound absorption to improve the audio integrity and intelligibility plus the performance and dynamics of the room. The company asserts that every studio or listening room needs acoustic treatment and, once treated, it will be the engineers most valuable tool for getting a great sound. Its website features a free online guide and video with tips on how to acoustically treat a room. >

AURALEX ACOUSTICS Auralex Acoustics was founded back in 1977 to offer affordable acoustical products to the market. Company founder Eric Smith started the company in his back garage because he saw that even the big-budget broadcast and recording facilities could not afford the proper acoustic materials. >

Below are graphical results from tests done by the same laboratory on Primacoutics versus a valued competitor

If you do not produce a reasonably flat response, your reference will in fact not be a reference at all. Peter Janis Radial

34 audioPRO October 2010

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