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bureau and its own reception Monticello’s conference centre will From the use of the most advanced electronic and live gaming
become an important location for the promotion of a wide range equipment, to the superb natural setting and advanced construc-
of business interests. tion of the project’s infrastructure and the highly professional team
now being assembled to welcome guests, the entire Monticello
Visitors to the Monticello Grand Casino & Entertainment World Grand Casino & Entertainment World is a superb experience that
also highly appreciate the venue’s 155 room, 5 star hotel that brings jobs and wealth creation to Chile’s Region VI as well as
has its own dedicated food and beverage facilities as well as a providing a world of entertainment and leisure opportunities on
luxurious spa. Set to be a definitive luxury casino hotel of the South one site.
American continent, the Monticello Grand Casino & Entertainment
World hotel definitely is a ‘must-go-to’ destination for gaming and grand opening
tourist guests alike.
On December 17th at 10 pm Señor Marc Anthony, who is
From the outset the entire Monticello Grand Casino & Entertain- undoubtedly one of Latin-America’s biggest stars, had the honour
ment World complex has been carefully designed to be a tourist to officially launch the big opening party of the Monticello Grand
attracting, family friendly, multi-opportunity leisure attraction that is Casino & Entertainment World with a concert and show that cel-
in keeping with and sympathetic to the local and national culture ebrated the beginning of a new era of first class entertainment in
ethic of Chile. By blending the latest and most modern facilities Chile. Jennifer López, the popular singer, then joined her husband
with a history rich in the traditions of art, craft and ethnic culture to present an exclusive joint performance. It was be the first time
the entire project is harmonious with its natural surrounds, its local that the couple performed together in Latin-America and their
traditions and the high demands and expectations of guests both concert was a spectacle of truly epic proportions.
national and international.
George Garcelon, General Manager, Monticello said: “With the
the makers behind the project launch of the Hotel Monticello we completed the third part of our
entire project. The Monticello Casino & Entertainment World is a
The investment and development consortium that brought the unique concept in Chile, and thus we wanted to open it with an
Monticello Grand Casino & Entertainment World from concept to unprecedented show, demonstrating that we offer entertainment
reality represents a stellar partnership of some of the gaming indus- the like of which has never before been seen in Chile.”
try’s greatest names. The Novomatic Group operates and man-
ages more than 800 casinos, electronic casinos, bingo halls and Those who had the privilege to enjoy the show saw a gripping
sports betting outlets and operates in excess of 105,000 electronic tri-dimensional projection production of the Chilean company
gaming machines and video lottery terminals throughout Europe, Proyecto Led, that employed the new hotel’s front as a huge screen.
Asia, Southern Africa and South-America. Adding to those many In addition the Spanish World Champion fireworks provider Piro-
projects, the Monticello project now becomes another prestige tecnia IGUAL presented the 13-minute spectacle ‘Sinfonía del
milestone in the continuing development of Novomatic. Partnering fuego’ – a thrilling pyromusical show that dipped the hotel and
Novomatic in the Monticello development is Sun International, mountain scenery into a blazing sea of light.
South Africa’s highly acclaimed international casino and destination
resort operator, the French-based, privately owned, International marc anthony
Group of Gaming & Resorts (IGGR) and the renowned and highly
respected Latin-American gaming entrepreneur Rudolf Binder. Marc Anthony is without doubt a Latin-American artist who has
gained great popularity within a very short time. His charm, stage
IGGR has over 25 years of experience in casinos, resort manage- presence, passion and rhythm make him one of the most popular
ment and Bingo operations in its native France but also has huge artists in the genres of pop, salsa and ballads.
international experience, including being the third largest gaming
group in Argentina and with significant interests elsewhere in With more than 10 million records sold worldwide, Marc Anthony
South-America. With that background and vision IGGR succeeded is one of the main exponents of English/Spanish language music.
in being granted a 15 year casino licence for Region VI in 2006
and soon after reached agreements with both the Novomatic
Group and Sun International that set the countdown clock ticking
towards the October 2008 opening date.
Sun International has taken on management responsibility for the
Monticello Grand Casino and bring to the project their worldwide
reputation for operational excellence dating back to the establish-
ment of the company in 1983. The group’s operations include
resorts, luxury hotel products and integrated urban entertainment
centres with casinos in 14 jurisdictions in South Africa, Zambia,
Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. More than half of
this portfolio has been developed in the last ten years, with new
projects in the Middle East, Africa and South-America.
8 novomatic
january 2010
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