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astra all set for the Big stage
Astra Games Limited, the UK subsidiary of Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH, is all set to move onto the big stage when
the company’s brand new product portfolio is presented at London’s IGE on Novomatic’s traditionally huge Earl’s Court
booth. Presenting the concept ‘Entertainment Through Innovation’ Astra will proudly present a game range designed to
put the ‘Entertainment’ back into the Entertainment Industry.
We must remember that we are all part of the wider greater industry that they serve. Astra, by working in partnership
entertainment issue.” The words of Novomatic’s President, with both the company’s United Kingdom and international distri-
The Astra booth at ICE/ATEI 2009.
Professor Johann F. Graf, are the cornerstone of Astra Games butors and by absorbing new skills and diverse experiences from
Limited’s 2010 catalogue of innovative, exciting and inspiring its parent company, the Novomatic Group, has found new direc-
products. tions and new solutions to the undoubted challenges that are still
present on our industry’s landscape.
As the UK’s leading games innovator Astra is particularly proud
to present this collection of gaming themes and technologies, for, At this year’s IGE in London Astra is delighted to be represented
while recent times have undoubtedly been challenging, the climate directly on the main Novomatic Group stand. Not only is this a
of gaming in the UK, across Europe and indeed around the world reminder that Astra has one of the world’s largest gaming groups
is slowly moving back to better times. If the recent period of chal- supporting and encouraging their efforts but it is also a clear and
lenge has done nothing else it has forced gaming companies, with highly visible demonstration of Astra’s position and standing within
Astra very much in the forefront, to seek out new ways of putting the world of gaming.
the ‘Entertainment’ back into the ‘Entertainment Industry’. For Astra
that has meant expanding and re-defining proven game concepts The products that Astra will present in London’s IGE are the result of
by providing added value game attraction through technical inno- quite extraordinary efforts by the whole Astra team and Managing
vations and even greater game creativity that will inspire the end Director Zane Mersich wishes to pay tribute to every one of the
user customers, the players. company’s employees for the contribu-
tion that they have made over the past
The game collection that Astra year. More than that, Mersich hopes
proudly presents for 2010 shows that everyone who sees and critically
all of those technical and creative reviews Astra’s new product range is
innovations plus a greater than as inspired and made optimistic for
ever before diversity across the the future by the new creations as are
entire product range. If ‘necessity is all at Astra. Astra is, indeed, all part
the mother of invention’ then the ability of the wider entertainment industry and
to pioneer new concepts and by so thus its primary challenge is to enter-
doing inspire our industry to seek out tain. With this new product collection
a new era of prosperity is a byproduct Astra Games believes that the com-
of that necessity. pany has the tools to do exactly that.
Too often gaming manufacturers have With dedicated product lines for both
seemed to work in isolation from the Astra’s UK and export customers there novomatic
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