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CeteC – Consistent Quality anD ultimate serViCe
Outstanding product quality and superior customer service are the keys to the
business philosophy of the Vienna based company CETEC Systems. In a close
cooperation with the Hungarian subsidiary of the Novomatic AG, AGI Hungária
Kft. at the site of the cable assembly in Veskény, Hungary, CETEC proved to be
an innovative, highly qualified and reliable partner.
ogether, CETEC Systems and AGI broke new ground and As in every area of the Novomatic Group the cable assembly in
set new standards for the optimized process flow for the Veskény, too, is based on high quality standards. Already during
manufacture of cable sets for gaming machines. From the conception stage CETEC Systems provided detailed know-how.
the beginning of the co-operation between AGI and CETEC was Through intensive training and project accompanying measures it
the objective of fabricating cable sets for the gaming industry became possible to win the approval of the highly motivated tech-
according to the definition of requirements that is compulsory in nical AGI staff for these new innovative technologies. With their
the automotive industry. In order to meet this challenge, companies new and modern site, as well as top quality CETEC Systems pro-
must fully embrace the latest technologies and even transcend their duction equipment, AGI reached its maximum requirement profiles.
current boundaries with new and innovative ideas. AGI made this In the selection stage of the processing machinery AGI Hungária
move with a dedicated manufacturing process of its own. attached great importance to high quality, process capable prod-
ucts. Repeated training through the CETEC specialists provided the
The AGI Hungária production plant in Veszkény, Hungary, pro- staff on site with expert know-how in order to achieve the desired
duces the cables and wires used in AGI gaming equipment and quality standards.
delivers its products to all Novomatic manufacturing facilities,
national and international. As a systems supplier of cable equip- After the stage of process enablement, in the course of which
ment CETEC Systems delivered the required machinery and equip- CETEC provided great personal support, a seamless transition to
ment as well as the vital ongoing support and servicing. real operation was achieved. Regarding the extension of the pro-
duction capacities, too, quality assurance was a central issue.
Gaming equipment consists of innumerable electronic and
mechanical parts. The connection between the various electric and After the stabilisation of the production process the process capa-
electronic components is fundamental. This connection is installed bility of the processing plant needed to be confirmed. CETEC con-
within the machine either in the form of mattress wiring or bun- tinually provides the necessary expert know-how: with the aid of
dled as a wiring harness and thus represents the machine’s neural a calibrated pressure measuring unit as well as connected evalu-
system. The assembly of the wiring requires a multitude of facili- ation software, the process capability of the crimping presses is
ties and equipment. The wiring system is one of the most labour checked and documented. The respective testing protocols are
intensive components of a gaming machine and is customized to then validated by the certified engineer and are available for con-
a high degree. tinuous proof of the process quality and capability.
36 novomatic
january 2010
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