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News Launch Pad
Taking orders
Music to your ears
from Ubanana
Trade shows in general, across a variety of
Ubanana says it has created the world’s smallest
industries, may be in decline, but that trend was
and fully integrated waterproof MP3 player for
squarely bucked at Cotswold Water Park at the end
sport, the uCan
of November when the 2009 STAG Buying Show
attracted over 200 independent sports retailers
he key to making a success out of a trade show is quite D
esigned with active
sportspeople in
mind – including
simple: you must please everyone. Easier said than done. swimmers – uCan is an
But manufacturers and retailers alike turned out in force mp3 player that straps
for the 2009 STAG Buying Show, November 22-23 at the Four over the ears and neck,
Pillars Hotel, Cotswold Water Park, ensuring that the time and and requires no further
expense of attending was justified from both sides of the table. gadgets, straps or cases
The orders were flying. for use, or any leads running
"213 STAG members attended the busiest STAG Buying show ever,” down the user’s arm, back or front. As Ubanana puts it, the uCan
a delighted Ward Robertson, joint managing director of the STAG comes with ‘no strings attached’.
group, tells Sporting Goods Business. “65 suppliers exhibited, bringing
with them not only some terrific new products, but more importantly a “The Ubanana uCan is an mp3 player specifically designed for sport,” says
very positive attitude. Everyone thought the show was excellent and Paul Bays, Ubanana founder and CEO. “It is very simple to use, very user
also that it plays a very important part in the sports trade in tough friendly and perfect for sport.”
trading conditions." Not only suited to swimmers, walkers, runners and cyclists, Ubanana
The show was described as claims the uCan will
“superb” by Cecilia Wheeler withstand the rigours of
from retailer Sportswise, and sports such as tennis,
as “brilliant” by Pennine windsurfing and even
Way’s Nigel Thain. “Another kitesurfing.
well organised show” was The uCan has been
the verdict from Sean and selected as a finalist for
Kath from HPT Sport & the 2010 ‘ispo brand
Leisure, who signed off with, new’ awards in
“See you next year!” February, and it is set to
retail in the UK with a
Trade in action: Ward Robertson says the 2009 STAG Buying Show (above and
recommended price
below) was the “busiest ever”
around the £89 mark. It
From the suppliers, a is scheduled to be available to UK retailers by the end of February.
buoyant Andy Geary from The uCan sits snugly around the top of the neck, with earphones on short
Hi-Tec was also very leads that run from each end of the uCan, just in front of the ear. The
complimentary about the flexible arms of the uCan should ensure that one size provides a
work put in by STAG’s Ward comfortable and secure fit for all users. The uCan has full mp3 button
Robertson, Ricky Chandler controls to play/pause, fast-forward, backtrack, control volume, lock and
and their team. “[It was] shuffle, which are located on the back.
such a good, well organised
show in a lovely location
where people actually come PRODUCT SPEC: uCAN
to buy! Heaven!” said
Waterproof: to a depth of three metres, including earphones
Geary. “It is so worthwhile in every way, for members and suppliers
(designed for use on water’s surface only)
Floats on water
“In my opinion the STAG Show is tremendous, and it takes us back
Weight: 32g (including battery & headphones)
to the days when buyers visited these events fully intent on ordering
Battery: In-built 3.7v rechargeable
their requirements for next season,” said John Freeman from K-Swiss.
Playtime: Up to 15 hours
“It was great to see so many members in attendance and we very much
Memory: 2Gb
look forward to next year's occasion.”
USB connection
“Organisation and set up was spot on once again,” added Mike
Compatibility: PC & Mac
Holland, representing Forsport and Selsport.
Warranty: 1 year
Another successful show fuels the growth of the STAG group in the
RRP: £89 aprx (to be confirmed)
UK, with the format set to debut in Ireland in 2010.
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