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It’s Time to Tend to Your Trees Written by Rose Crawford

Now that the back yard fruit trees have finally lost their leaves, it is time

to sharpen your pruning tools. The first step is to remove any dead or crossed branches from your fruit trees. Then just stand back, look at your tree and envision how you would like it to look. Pruning is done for several reasons: to increase fruit production, to con-

trol the size and shape of the tree, and keep the fruit within easy reach. Pruning cuts involve both heading and thinning cuts. Thinning cuts re-

move an entire branch at its origin. This will shape the tree to let sunlight into the interior branches. These cuts also keep the tree from growing so high that the fruit would be too difficult to harvest. When making thinning cuts, it ‘s best to start from the top of the tree and thin to let sun- light reach the lower branches. Wood that is exposed to sun will be stronger and more fruitful. Branches that are completely shaded will even- tually stop bearing fruit. Use a scissors-type pruner and cut as close to the tree as possible. Heading cuts are used to control fruit production and encourage new

growth. Use sharp and clean bypass pruners and cut at a 45-degree angle about one-fourth inch from a bud; do not leave stubs. Peach and

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We are offering some

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Healthy Heart Bio Screens - Finger Stick/Cholesterol Assessment as well as total Cholesterol, HDL (good) LDL (bad) Glucose readings. Our nurses will do a body mass index on each employee. An in depth color report will then be provided on the overall health of your group. This is a great precursor to a wellness program. $50 value per employee!

Employee Benefit Statements - Hidden paycheck reports personalized for each employee.

My-Wave Portal - All state and federal employee benefit regulations in one place. Need articles and flyers to support your wellness campaign, it’s all here! My-Wave also has a collaboration center of over 80,000 HR executives to consult with on issues of the day.

COBRA-AID - Automates COBRA with all the latest forms & documents.

Does Health Care reform implementation have you panicked? Pickering, ThinkHRandMY-Wave portal have you covered. We have all the timelines, forms and answers! We keep you in compliance.

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