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ANLP - Response to the
Health Professions Council
With consultations on the statutory regulation of
psychotherapists and counsellors and the statutory
regulation of dance movement therapists.
Lisa Wake considers the potential impact for both NLP and ANLP.
INTRODUCTION are practicing illegally.
The Health Professions Council (HPC) issued consultation document in ANLP will need to consider if it is to hold a register of individuals
July 2009, with consultation ending October 16th. who are licensed to work with these client groups.
The move towards statutory regulation of these professions
commenced in the 1970’s with the Alderdice Bill, and concluded
Anyone who offers NLP to
with the publication of the White Paper ‘Trust, Assurance and
Safety- the Regulation of Health Professionals in the 21st Century’
someone under the age of
in February 2007.
This document for ANLP outlines the potential implications for 18, or to someone with a
those individuals practicing NLP within the 5 main recommendations
that are within the consultation documentation. Although NLP is not a
mental health condition,
psychotherapy, there is an active base of NLP therapists for whom this
recent move has significance.
or who may be considered
The 5 areas within the HPC consultation document are:
a vulnerable adult, will be
- the structure of the Register
- protected titles
required to be registered
- voluntary register transfer and
grandparenting arrangements 2. Protected Titles
- standards of education and training The Professional Liaison Group for HPC has recommended that the
- standards of proficiency title ‘Psychotherapist’ is protected. There is currently some debate on
how the title of ‘counsellor’ might be protected, and suggestions have
1. Structure of the register been made that the law might state circumstances where the misuse
The HPC are currently debating whether to have two components to of the title ‘counsellor’ might occur.
the Register, one for psychotherapists and one for counsellors. There Implications for NLP
is also a wide debate concerning the regulation of those working Currently, UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) has 3 recognised
with children and vulnerable adults. Alongside this is the recent Member Organisations who are recognised for registering individuals
development of the Vetting and Barring Scheme (VBS), which comes who use NLP in psychotherapy practice. These are NLPtCA
into law in 2011, making it compulsory to register if you wish to work (Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association),
with children or vulnerable adults. an accrediting organisation; Beeleaf Institute of Contemporary
Those individuals who are on the statutory register will be licensed to Psychotherapy, and Awaken School of Outcome Oriented
work with children and vulnerable adults, and in my discussion with the Psychotherapies – both training and accrediting organisations.
Independent Safeguarding Authority, this will include anyone with a Activities related to these titles will be regulated under Section 60
mental health condition, including anxiety and depression. of the Health Act 1999, making it illegal to practise these activities
Implications for NLP or to use the title by anyone not on the statutory register. Anyone
Anyone who offers NLP to someone under the age of 18, or to offering or practising these activities will be required to register with
someone with a mental health condition, or who may be considered the HPC through one of the recognised training or accreditation
a vulnerable adult, will be required to be registered. If services are routes, and will be required to adhere to the codes of practice
offered to these client groups and the individual is not registered, they and conduct.
40 | Autumn 2009 - rapport
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