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Atronic has hugely successful
summer with STARGATE SG-1
tronic’s multi-bonus progressive four progressive jackpot levels and three Slot Director Marcel Langner is delighted
link Stargate SG-1 has proved an individual base games have proven very with how well the new machines have been
enormous success with successful with our players.” received by their guests, he said: “Yet again
installations across Europe over June saw the game rolled out at a special ATRONIC has produced a product that people
the summer. Several Portuguese promotional event in Monte Carlo, at the Café want to play. Since STARGATE SG-1 arrived on
casinos have enjoyed this top-performer, de Paris Casino. The launch event at Café de our floor player interest has been great and the
available on the premium double screen e
Paris was complemented by a promotion held machines are being played constantly.”
cabinet. It is based on the blockbuster movie on both nights, where an ATRONIC South Africa should be the next place to
and globally popular TV series, and offers five representative and a model distributed give- follow suit after the game’s launch during the
distinct bonuses and four progressive levels. aways and explained the new games and their Winter Games show at Sun International´s Wild
Furthermore it features an eye-catching exciting features to players. Coast Sun in the Eastern Cape.
merchandising package that is drawing players That’s not all; Italy has also succumbed to It’s not all about Stargate though; other
to the game. Stargate’s charms, with an installation at Casino recent successes for Atronic include their
Casino Lisbon, Casino Da Figueira and San Remo enjoying the game on Atronic’s impressive King Kong Cash, which has proved a
Casino Da Póvoa are all enjoying the game; José double screen e
SLANT cabinet. hit in Greece at the Regency Casino Mont
Fernando Silva, Slot Floor Manager at Casino “The new STARGATE SG-1 machines and Parnes.
Da Póvoa, said: attractive signage package have been well Elsewhere, Deal Or
“Our guests received by our clients immediately. The four No Deal – The
have jackpot levels, five bonus features and three Experience can
immediately individual base games have proven very be found in the
liked the new successful with our players”, said Mr. Marco recently-opened
STARGATE Calvi, Slots Manager at Casino San Remo. “It’s City Of Dreams,
SG-1 great to see players getting excited to enter the Melco’s flagship
machines and Jackpot Bonus and we are confident that the casino
the attractive new STARGATE SG-1 slot machines will experience in
signage continue to be a success for our casino.” Macau. City of
package. The Players in Berlin are enjoying Stargate too, Dreams offers
five distinct following the July installation at the prestigious 420,000 sq
bonus Spielbank Berlin. The ATRONIC promotion foot of gaming
features, team went along to host two nights of fun and space that boasts approximately 520 gaming
combined with prizes at Spielbank Berlin. tables and approximately 1350 machines.
Inspired supplies bespoke machines to Aspinalls
nspired Gaming Group, the leading player in Open Server-Based with a Cammegh Sling Shot auto wheel, all housed in a high quality,
Gaming (Open SBG), has announced a new installation of bespoke tailor-made mahogany casing as part of a three year deal.
Multi-Win Roulette (MWR) machines at Aspinalls, one of London ’s Lee Gregory, MD of UK Gaming at Inspired, commented: “We are
most exclusive casinos. excited to be working with Aspinalls as it
The agreement signals Aspinalls’ first move into electronic gaming and provides us with an opportunity to create
showcases Inspired’s ability to deliver the highest level of customisation, a unique and exciting product offering
having designed the machines to fit uniquely within the luxury on top of our industry leading
surroundings of the London based casino. Inspired’s offering includes an technology. Inspired offer the highest
E Bar terminal built into a bespoke cabinet, designed by Inspired, and level of customisation and our presence
installed on to the in one of the UK ’s most exclusive
Aspinalls outdoor casinos is now testament to this.”
roof terrace – a Howard Aldridge, Managing Director of
first for the Aspinalls, added: “The partnership with
company. Inspired provides our customers with a
Inspired is new and exciting gaming experience. The
providing Aspinalls bespoke machines are a fantastic addition
with its latest, best- to our casino and complement Aspinalls’
in-class MWR unique surroundings, while the outdoor
terminals, along gaming will add a new level of flexibility.”
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