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CI: How do you do it? example if the player is not doing particularly well in
slots, get that person to go away for a drink, get a rest
LS: In order to make the best informed decision, and come back and play again.
that’s where the SAS platform comes in, because we Information can be cut in many ways.
don’t waste any form of data in trying to understand the
consumer or the player. So for example in your casino, if CI: How does IDeaS integrate with SAS. What do
someone has come particularly to watch a show or if IDeaS bring to the table?
that person likes a particular restaurant within the
casino, that can be used as an influential factor on how GT: IDeaS developed a revenue optimisation
to price, because aspirational pricing, influence, all of solution specifically for hotels, and it could also be
those factors that go into the optimisation problem. applied into gaming. Now the way IDeaS works is it
Essentially we’re making a more informed decision on forecasts a demand to come for the hotel at various
what price to give to an individual player. different market segment levels. It takes that demand
forecast and turns that demand forecast into a
CI: So it’s a form of player tracking and data control number, and we call that control number Last
analysis… Presumably it begins at check-in. How Room Value, and put in a very, very simple basis, all of
do staff tap in to this at different levels? the rates that are lower in cost than that control
value are closed, and all of the rates that are above
LS: We link up a player profile, typically using a that control value are generally open, and that
card loyalty system or any other means that we have. control value varies up and down in terms with the
Typical data would be the amount of stay and the demand to come for the hotel. So that’s what IDeaS
amount of revenue generated by this particular does. IDeaS acts as the policeman and varies that
visitor or player. And to that we supplement every based on the demand to come.
interaction that the player or visitor has within the What SAS does, and feeds into IDeaS, is actually
premises; it’s possible to see not just where that the different values of the market segment levels that
person roamed within the casino, the games that a the guests occupy within the hotel. So a high roller
person plays, favourite games, how long he plays, how guest would have one particular profile, and that
much are his bets and so forth, but also the length of would fit into a particular market segment. A
stay, how many hotels has he opted if there are medium-level spend guest might be another
several premises or several hotels within the greater particular market segment and a low-spend guest
resort, how he made his reservations (online, via a might be another one, right? And the SAS tools and
junket tour, via a reservation). We have a lot of ways analytics feed those values into IDeaS so we
to formulate the tracking for this particular customer. understand the true value of the different market
So all those data go into the optimisation problem. segments.
Now once we’ve made a decision, we’ve priced it The operators have got the choice of just buying
and the offers that we give… and people in the the tool or buying the end-to-end solution, where the
premises can tap into it in a variety of ways. One of end-to-end solution is the gathering of the data, the
the service counters, they would have the front-end analysing of the data, the output of decisions and the
panels, the computer screens. Now they would have implementation of those decisions into a particular
an operational system such as a loyalty system, so we transaction system.
populate bits of that system with the scores, previous The industry’s never had the opportunity to have
interactions, preference, what to say, what not to say one vendor provide this end-to-end solution that has
and so forth. That’s one way. as high a degree of relevance as what the acquisition
The other way would be real-time integration of IDeaS by SAS has actually provided. Having all of
where people working on the floor, the pit managers, this done by the one vendor, with the one set of
customer service, would have real-time and up to goals, where you don’t have integration issues from
date information onto those scores. That way they disparate vendors, is something the industry’s never
can make a comp offer to a particular player, for actually been available to have before.
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