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Big Brother
is here…
…but in a good way. IDeaS and SAS have combined to offer a quite
superb business analytics suite of tools for the gaming industry that
could help your casino refine its customer offering and both give and
get the best value for and from your customers…
raham Tate, Managing Director of IDeaS optimising the revenues for the individual business
Asia Pacific, and Luke Soon, Principal for unit. So what we have with IDeaS and SAS working
Customer Intelligence, explained to together to do that is a whole business being
Casino International just what they can optimised from an enterprise point of view, while still
bring to the casino in an enlightening keeping in mind the needs and wants of the
interview. Player tracking is a great tool for the individual business units that are part of the casino
casino, but IDeaS don’t waste one bit of gathered or integrated resort.
data from the casino/hotel/resort environment;
they’re all about maximising revenue across the CI: Say for example I’m a casino operator and
board, in an intelligent way by means of extensive I’ve got a casino… What’s the proposition you
data capture and analysis. bring to me as an operator?
Casino International: What is your background, GT: Depending on the market that you’re operating
and what services do you offer? your casino in, which could be an Asian market,
which is vastly different to a market in Vegas, which is
Graham Tate: In August 2008, SAS ñ the largest different again to I guess a market in Singapore or
privately held software company in the world ñ Monte Carlo or so forth, you’ve got different
purchased IDeaS, and they purchased us for a few approaches to optimising revenue.
reasons: our domain knowledge in hospitality, our Traditionally when you have a casino and you have
ability to also deliver revenue management solutions a hotel attached to a casino, the hotel was always a
and so forth in a software-as-a-service type slave to the casino. The hotel was there purely to
environment. Since then SAS and IDeaS have been provide room for the high roller gamers and for the
working very closely in becoming integrated from a players to come and stay while gambling at the
company perspective and also a product and casino, thereby optimising revenue for the casino,
solutions perspective, and one of the areas that we’re but a lot of those rooms were given away on a
particularly combining our strength in is in the complimentary basis and therefore the hotel was not
gaming and hospitality area. being optimised at all. The hotel was just a vehicle.
As technology moved on it became very obvious that
Luke Soon: SAS, as a company, has been focussing the hotel also needed to be run as a business setup and
on business analytics for the past 33 years, and that as hotels and facilities expanded into bars and golf
basically means converting data into actionable courses and theme parks and food and beverage outlets,
insights, and we do it across all industries. In gaming it became relative, as technology moved on, that
and hospitality, we feel that it’s quite vital not just to optimising the revenues given the different levels of
know a lot about revenue and profitability but also demand that are happening to the casino and the hotel,
consumer demand and what the consumer’s thinking all become relevant as a wider business unit, and also as
to drive continued growth. individual business units. Just giving the rooms away so
that the casino can be full of high-roller gamers is no
GT: Where the casinos and the hotels have moved longer the approach that your casino will take; it will
to, as you’re probably aware, is not just maximising take the approach of, well I’ve got to optimise the
revenue for the hotels, or the casinos, or the bars or revenues for the hotel that’s associated with my casino
part of the integrated resource; it’s about maximising as well as the spa, as well as the revenue for the casino
the revenues for the whole business, at the same time and the gaming floors etc. And that’s what we do.
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