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of intent with Sisal to roll out a minimum of 2000
server-based gaming machines – mostly based on its
new widescreen Storm cabinet – in Italy.
Gregory continues: “In the last 12
months, Inspired has been working
to deploy Category B1 and B3
gaming content across its largest customer estate of
electronic multi-win roulette (MWR) terminals. This
deployment has been enabled due to our innovative
flexible licensing software allowing gaming content
to be shown across the entire estate but still be
played within licence restrictions.”
And the company has plans for further
developments which will take advantage of server-
based gaming’s capability for customising the player
experience. “We will be investing quite heavily in
player tracking and loyalty systems,.” says Gregory.
“This will enable existing casino management
systems to run more effectively on the Inspired
platform and provide additional functionality within
our feature set.”
Inspired is also exploring less obvious ways to
bring server-based gaming to the market. For
example, the company at the beginning of this year
released its Pay As You Go version of Open SBG,
which does not require a broadband connection
and is intended for street gaming in developing
countries. The revenue share is pre-paid by the
operator, who can choose from a range of content
including SWP, entertainment, and gaming.
At IGT, spokesperson Justyna
Diepen says that next year will see
the introduction of Offer Manager,
Ad Manager and Analytics products.
“With IGT Advantage and IGT Casinolink, there is
interest in the domestic and international
marketplace,” she adds. “These source systems are
G2S-compliant and are sbX-ready.”
gaming is to offer its Open SBG as a “middleware” IGT also continues to secure support from third-
platform that bridges that gap between hardware and party developers such as Las Vegas Gaming, which
content. Although it does supply hardware itself, it has committed to make all future gaming software
has also built the platform into other manufacturers’ available via IGT's server-based gaming systems.
equipment, and although it does produce its own
games, more than 30 third-party developers have also
come up with Open SBG-compatible product. Open
One of the most important
SBG is based on common technologies such as
Apache, Cognos, IBM, Oracle and VMWare. making it
steps toward server-based
accessible to a large pool of potential developers. gaming has been the
MD of Casino and Bingo Lee Gregory says:
development of the G2S
“Inspired has been investing in server-based standard
gaming for a number of years now. Open SBG
allows the best content from third-party developers
to run over the platform giving casino operators Aristocrat's contender in server-based gaming is
more flexibility and their customers the best TruServ, from its Swedish subsidiary ACE Interactive.
content when they want it.” Approved for Macau this summer, TruServ is another
technology which its creators hope will forge better
For example, this summer Inspired signed a letter integration between systems from disparate suppliers
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