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SGB News
30th June 2009
New gel, plus talent spotting
programme for ASSIST
ASSIST Creative Resources is launching a campaign to find the sporting talent of
INTERSPORT recruit as
tomorrow. The aim of the campaign is to identify promising individuals in a
number of endurance and specialist sports – and bring them together under the
growth targeted
banner of teamASSIST.
The project is looking to recruit a number of talented individuals aged between INTERSPORT, one of the UK
16-26 in sports such as running, cycling, triathlon, swimming, rugby and and Ireland’s leading buying Cara Delaney
adventure or ultra racing. groups has embarked on a
The initiative dovetails with sportASSIST’s newly-founded charitable strategic recruitment drive as
organisation, Street Talent, which aims to fund talented, upcoming athletes with the company puts in place an
the new technologies that will help them achieve their full athletic potential. ambitious and progressive
sportASSIST will be looking to have the team in place for September 1st and programme to meet its long-
will be liaising with sports governing bodies, agents and selected individuals to term goals of systematic and
identify contenders for positions on the team. Each candidate will be asked to sustainable growth.
submit a sporting CV via email to the marketing manager – In line with this strategy – or upload a video of themselves to a video- INTERSPORT has announced
sharing service such as YouTube and email the link to the above address. two key appointments.
Meanwhile, the company has welcomed a new flavour to its line of Carbo Lindsay Anderson joins the
Shotz gels, with the Wild Bean CarboShotz Energy Gel, the latest addition to the company as a senior apparel
fast-growing range of Shotz Sports Nutrition products. selector reporting directly to
Containing 80mg of caffeine in each 45g sachet, not only does Wild Bean Barry Mellis, General
CarboShotz Energy Gel provide the body with the carbohydrate reserves it needs Manager. Her role will be to
in endurance activity, it also provides a ‘caffeine kick’ when you need it most. capitalise on the joint buying
capabilities of the member
New EU drinking straw
stores as a way of increasing
their profitability and overall
Cara Delaney has joined INTERSPORT from CitiGroup New York where
EU-Bottle now offers a new drinking straw pulling spout for their range of she worked as a member of the team responsible for resource
sports bottles. This new spout has been developed in response to requests management, liaising with Citi managers and external vendors, and
from the motor sports market where competitors need to drink whilst wearing project support operations with special responsibility for budgets and
a full face helmet. It should however also find applications in other sports such timescales. Cara was previously with BMW, in the West Midlands, as
as downhill mountainbiking, BMX, American football, ice hockey, cricket etc Communications Officer.
where face protection is used. Her role at INTERSPORT will
Most traditional drinking straw bottles are based on a plastic beaker with a be to work closely with
snap on cap which must be kept upright so they don't leak. The new EU-bottle Lindsay Anderson INTERSPORT suppliers,
straw replaces the usual pulling spout so that when in the closed position the member stores and AIS
straw is sealed and the bottle will not leak. The straw is made from the same personnel. Carla will also look
soft, flexible thermoplastic rubber as the existing standard pulling spout which to enhance the efficiency and
for many years has been a major selling feature of the bottles. The new straw effectiveness of the
fits existing caps so it can be supplied with any of the current range of bottles. department.
This provides customers with the option to order a mixture of the standard Commenting on the
pulling spout and extended straw pulling spout in one order. recruitment, Barry Mellis said:
With MOQs starting at only 150pcs for custom printed bottles and a range “INTERSPORT has regained its
of 8 bottle sizes from 550ml to 1 litre EU-Bottle now has a bottle for almost all appetite for growth and our
sporting disciplines and leisure uses. recruitment strategy stands
For further information contact Wildoo Limited, 0870 977 1550 or email as the cornerstone of our ambitions for expansion.”
He added: “We have taken
Vivomed supplies
a more aggressive stance in
the market, where we aim to
continue building our own
distinctive presence, as we
Downpatrick-based company ‘Vivomed’ has been mark out INTERSPORT’s
appointed as Official Supplier to the British & Irish blueprint for the future.”
Lions for their forthcoming tour to South Africa.
Vivomed has been involved in the provision of
physiotherapy, pharmaceutical, medical and first
aid products to sports teams, doctors and
physiotherapists for almost 15 years.
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