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Ticketing Profile
that scan fingerprints. At first glance this may look like
an airport-style security procedure, but for venues such
as Walt Disney World in Orlando and Universal Studios
in Hollywood it is actually a way of preventing lost sales.
“OmniTicket has been supplying biometric verification “
verification ties
the ticket to the
for several years now,” reveals Davies. “The latest
generation is extremely fast, accurate and reliable. This
method of tying the ticket to the original purchaser purchaser,
prevents the possibility of guests lending their annual
preventing the
passes to friends or relatives, or even purchasing
multiple day passes and splitting the usage and payment
possibility of
between friends. In other words, biometric verification
guests lending
A biometric fingerprint reader by OmniTicket
ensures maximum security and revenue generation for
their annual
all ticket categories.”
guests to pick up a pre-printed ticket at an outlet “We have a partnership with Alvarado in the United
passes to friends
anywhere in the world and have it activated in real time States to provide turnstiles fully equipped with a
or relatives, or
ready to use at the turnstile. biometric reader,” confirms Brown, “this provides more even purchasing
“Working with third party retailers is all about robust access control. The technology provides the client
multiple day
extending your box office from your front gate to the with options to move away from other dated forms of
high street,” highlights Povey, and he predicts, “we are access control such as photos on tickets and messy
passes and
going to see this extending from the traditional resellers hand stamps for re-entry.” splitting them
to what is currently seen as the competition. As tourist Yet stand and watch the turnstiles at any of those
between friends
locations around the world compete with each other – parks that use biometric identification, and you’ll soon
from Orlando and London to Blackpool and Dubai – it see that guests need educating how to use it, and not all
John Davies,
is increasingly important for operators to join forces systems are reliable. Siriusware is one company that has OmniTicket Network
and market their destination.” so far decided to steer clear of such technology: “We
Whether they do it from the comfort of their home or don’t provide biometric recognition systems,” says
at a third party sales outlet, Brown says he knows why Parker. “While highly useful for staff, the holy grail of
visitors often prefer to but their tickets off-site – and why biometrics is to use them to authorise access by guests
you should encourage them: “Guests making purchases and season pass holders. Unfortunately the technology

in an environment that is comfortable, quiet and away does not work well for children and can raise concerns
from the hustle of the front gate encourages additional about cleanliness.”
spending. Making your venue’s ticket offerings readily
available gives the guest every opportunity to purchase In-park Applications
the best fit for their family’s vacation.” Tickets need not be redundant once guests are inside
the park. “OmniTicket has the ability to supply electronic
Biometric Identification point of sale systems for food and retail outlets, as well
It’s usually a barcode or magnetic strip that identifies as a “fast-pass” system if required,” Davies informs us.
your ticket at the turnstile. It may also be an RFID “The advantage is that all systems are fully integrated,
(Radio Frequency Identification) chip, a more expensive allowing centralised reporting for all revenue
but useful option that can be used to track movement generation within the park.”
and spending habits. “Our most popular feature is in-house debit, credit
Guests arriving at the gate of some of the world’s and gift card functionality,” confirms Parker. “This allows
larger parks, however, are now being greeted not just clients to avoid the high fees charged by the bank-based
with traditional ticket readers but also biometric readers vendors and provide the service directly to customers.”
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