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Sustainable Design, Technologies & Operations
- the challenges & opportunites
offered to Leisure Venues & Attractions
London Transport Museum, Wednesday 25th March 2009
The issue of sustainability cannot be ignored by any industry, especially with it becoming a major political issue and a key criterion
for funding and planning permission. In addition, increasing energy, raw material and waste disposal costs have combined to make
sustainable issues a financial as well as a moral imperative. Venue owners, operators and suppliers will learn about products that
reduce power consumption, pollution and wastage, and capture carbon. The seminar programme covers how fluctuating energy
costs and sustainability issues, including regulation and funding, combined with the need to improve the industry's green
credentials are setting new challenges in the design and operation of leisure attractions. Creating wider awareness of
sustainability issues, harnessing alternative technologies and embracing different approaches can help improve performance and
the bottom line. The seminar will learn from case studies from early adopters of sustainable design and technology.
0900 Registration and Coffee
0915 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Richard Curtis, TiLE and Richard Parry, Head of Promotion, UK Trade & Investment
Blair Parkin, Managing Director, Visual Acuity (Seminar Chairman)
The Strategic Challenge
Seminar Chairman: Blair Parkin, Managing Director, Visual Acuity
Rising energy costs, sustainability issues including regulation and funding combined with the need to improve
our green credentials are setting us new challenges in the design and operation of leisure attractions.
0920 Science facts versus science fiction
Dr Jim Sweitzer, Principal, Science Communications Consultants, USA
Jim Sweitzer is a member of The Climate Project, trained by former Vice President Al Gore in January 2007, and a
strong advocate for raising awareness around the challenge of global warming and its solution. He recently completed a
successful launch of the Morrison Planetarium at the California Academy of Sciences, a facility that offers one of the
most sophisticated scientific visualization environments in the world. This interactive presentation will address climate
change, sustainable resources and environmental impact, which are measurable and credible threats to business.
What are these threats? How do we deal with them while improving the impact on our planet and communities? Jim
Sweitzer will take us on a collaborative mission to explore the challenges and the potential solutions.
1020 Twenty years out
Robert Casamento, Director, Ernst & Young
An insight into the economic outlook of rising energy costs, exploring the long-term view of declining non-renewable
resources versus renewable resources.
1040 Break
Operational Impact
Session Chairman: Siân Johnson, SJ&A Change Consulting
Creating wider awareness of sustainability issues can help improve performance and the bottom line.
1100 Building and Planning Sustainably - Regulatory drivers for sustainability and how BRE schemes are applied
Matt Dickinson, Commercial Director, Sustainable Development Group, Building Research Establishment
At a European and national level new building and construction standards are becoming a requirement for both
permission to build and for funding. BREEAM are at the heart of these changes and will present what theses changes
are and what they mean for planning and construction.Matt Dickinson will discuss key market and regulatory drivers for
sustainability and BRE schemes and how they are being applied to new and existing properties. His presentation will be
illustrated by case studies on Marks and Spencer, Toyota Motor Europe, Barclays and EDF Energy and with BRE’s
guidance, integrate sustainability into realistic corporate policy. He is also leading the development of several new and
innovative sustainability tools including BREEAM In Use (a new version of BREEAM for existing property portfolios) and
Climate Lite (an early stage architectural design tool for new developments).
1120 Funding sustainability – what does this mean for funding a project in the future?
Roy Stewart, General Manager, Centre for Construction Innovation Northwest
Sustainability criteria, including design, impact and ongoing efficiency, are rapidly becoming funding criteria in both the
for-profit and non-profit sectors. For leisure attractions developing new projects and engaged in putting together bids
for capital support from funding distributed via regional development agencies (RDA), this presentation will provide a
brief on the new criteria for compliance with environmental sustainability, and how these are applied during the
assessment process. Roy Stewart will address NWDA’s Sustainable Buildings Policy and what it, as an RDA, is looking
for from potential developers.
1140 Recycling at Leisure Venues – A Great Opportunity
Claire Shrewsbury, Packaging Programme Manager, WRAP
WRAP is supporting a number of initiatives that supports recycling on the go. Both visitors and staff dispose of large
volumes of packaging materials including glass, plastic and aluminium at leisure venues. Many environmental and
economic benefits can be gained by recycling packaging, from avoiding use of resources to reducing costs of waste
disposal. Claire Shrewsbury will give an overview of WRAPs work and present some of the benefits of recycling at
leisure venues, together with some practical considerations.
1200 Operating Sustainably - Resources and Practices in Food
Emma Hockridge, Policy Campaigner, Policy Department, Soil Association
There are potential efficiencies, and therefore cost savings and positive PR, which companies could make as a result of
sourcing local, seasonal and organic food — and is more energy efficient in its production. Emma Hockridge will give
some practical insights on this subject and will also address the Soil Association’s Real Meal Deal report, which looked
at what’s on the menu for children at 10 popular family restaurant chains and 14 major visitor attractions —operators
will want to consider its findings so as to provide nutritious food and improve the public’s perception of them.
1220 Panel Discussion - all the morning’s speakers
1300 Lunch
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