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Park News
Goodbye Golden Nugget!
The Golden Nugget
in its heydey with
Classic boardwalk attraction
scrapped in New Jersey
Despite its best intentions and efforts to try to preserve the Golden Nugget Mine
Ride, a classic boardwalk attraction, the Morey Organization has decided to
remove it from the former Hunt’s Pier in Wildwood, New Jersey.
“This is a sad loss for all those who fondly remember the wonderful Golden
Nugget,” notes Dino Fazio, Morey’s director of pier operations. “It was my first
roller coaster ride as a boy, and it’s hard for me to see it go.”
The ride’s planned renovation was doomed by the expense to meet New Jersey's
current strict ride regulations. Fortunately, substantial portions of the Golden Nugget
will be saved for reuse prior to the removal of the exterior structure this winter. “The Golden Nugget represents the first golden age of the boardwalk," notes
Dick Knoebel of Knoebel's Amusement Resort in Pennsylvania will take ownership Will Morey, president and CEO of The Morey Organization, "an age pioneered by
of the tracks and trains. Knoebel has a notable reputation for ride restoration and greats with such family names as Hunt, Barnes, Coombs, Way, and Ramagosa. As
his park is not subject to the same restrictive regulations as in New Jersey. the second generation of the Morey family, my brother and I recognise our
The Golden Nugget originally opened in July of 1960 on the newly constructed responsibility as trustees of this unique culture, and we do not take this decision
ocean side section of Hunt’s Pier. It was built three stories high with the top floor lightly.”
giving riders a mine car ride through the “desert.” The classic coaster ride was “As we realised that the Golden Nugget was not viable for Morey’s Piers" adds
specially constructed for Hunt’s Pier by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and Jack Morey, "we began looking for an appropriate person within our industry who
was engineered by John Allen. Bill Tracy designed the ride’s theme through might be capable of reusing the tracks and trains. Now, I am very thrilled to say
Amusement Displays. that this ride will be placed in the most capable of hands.”
Mummy goes to
‘A new type of haunted house’
Belgian technology specialist Alterface has joined forces with Germany’s
Clostermann Design to create a new type of haunted house. The concept
introduces a multimedia element to create what its developers describe as a
Premier Rides has announced that it has been awarded a contract to build cross between a 4D cinema and a dark ride.
another Revenge of the Mummy attraction for Universal Studios, this time “The adrenaline flowing in the veins of spectators will be taken to boiling
at the new park in Singapore, which is scheduled to open at the end of point, thanks to a spectacle that combines special effects, animatronics and
2009. interactive 3D video images,” declares Olivier
The new park will be based at Sentosa island and is being developed by Vincent from Alterface.
Universal Parks & Resorts together with Resorts World at Sentosa, a wholly Sitting in comfortable armchairs fixed to a
owned subsidiary of Genting revolving platform, up to 30 players/spectators
International. will lose their spatial awareness as the
“Genting International is platform rotates, before being plunged into a
one of the most highly huge home packed full of surprises.
regarded companies in Asia A model of the attraction was exhibited on
in multiple fields, including Alterface’s booth at IAAPA Attractions Expo in
entertainment, and it is an Orlando, where it was well received by
honour for Premier to have attractions professionals. Read this news item in
The attraction will feature a
been selected to provide the our digital issue and see a video too! theatre/revolving platform
equipment for such a
prestigious project," adds Jim
Seay, Premier Rides president.
The contract is believed to
Hard Rock Park to liquidate
be worth over US$20 million Hard Rock Park, the 55-acre, $400 million park in Myrtle Beach, South
to Premier Rides. The Carolina, opened last April with much excitement, hoping to attract visitors who
Revenge of the Mummy is love roller coasters and rock music – but soon it could be pulled apart.
already one of the signature Back in September, the park filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, as
rides at Universal Studios park officials hoped to restructure their debt and reopen this year. But after four
Florida and Universal Studios years in development and two years in construction, the attraction has closed as
Hollywood. the park's debtors asked a bankruptcy court in Delaware for permission to
convert to Chapter 7.
Revenge of the Mummy will
be a signature attraction at
A bankruptcy judge approved the request to begin liquidating what was billed
the new Universal Studios
as the world's first rock 'n' roll theme park and the single-largest tourism
investment in South Carolina history. The assets will be sold off, possibly piece by
piece, to pay off creditors.
12 FEBRUARY 2009
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