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Santa Claus is coming to town …in 3D!
Seasonal attraction opens in New York
Santa's works, where they
experienced Mrs Claus' kitchen,
a winter wonderland, the elves’
toy factory and a face to face
reindeer encounter.
Guests wore 3D glasses
while walking through the
attraction and also experienced
interactive effects like smell
machines to simulate fresh
baked cookies and peppermint
smells in the candy factory.
Blacklight Attractions, which
also markets its own range of
interactive dark rides, is
Blacklight Attractions recently created a seasonal currently working on five major blacklight mini
3D attraction for the Bayville Adventure Park FEC golf projects, including the first with a live
in New York. Santa's Magical Toy Factory in 3D aquarium theme, with real sharks, eels and other
took visitors through a magical world inside Ocean creatures. A number of high tech CGI
effects will also be included. Also in development
SBF offers new
is a new Pirate-themed course for a client in
Wisconsin Dells, plus more mini golf projects in
family coaster
New York, Canada and Finland.
The Italian SBF/Visa
Group has been
working on a number own
of new ride concepts
don Br
of late, several of Carla & Gor
which were on show
Carla & Capt
at November’s IAAPA Bombay Amusement Rides (BARPL) recently completed
Attractions Expo in a new 33-seater land train for India’s Lavasa tourism
ain Jack Sparr
Orlando. resort project between Pune and Mumbai.
The plane vehicle you see here, for example, This train is equipped with a 60HP 4-cylinder
can be used on the firm’s figure-of-eight family engine, power steering and MRF radial tires for
coaster, which is now also available with a optimum comfort. A four-wheel turning ensures the
double spiral track layout and a goldmine theme. bogies follow the exact path of the engine and CCTV
The Wild Raft, meanwhile, is an earlier product is used to monitor the bogies and ensure safe
given a new lease of life thanks to a lifting arm. boarding and disembarkation.
Supplied on one trailer complete with a folding The train also features oil immersed disc brakes
back flash, the attraction is expected to appeal to and independent hydraulic wheel brakes, plus fully
teenagers. SBF/Visa also plans to offers its new functional head and tail lights. The attendant is
Roller Ball ride (see with a provided with their own seat plus an alarm and
lifting arm to appeal to the same demographic. independent hand brake. An onboard music system
Finally, the Surf’s Up attraction pictured below, plays both CDs and MPs and there is also an FM
otherwise known as a Mini Miami, was sold radio.
during IAAPA by Rides 4U to Powers Great
American Midways.
The X2 has the following features
HD 32” LCD Screen
Internal Cabin Camera
SMS Text Technology
tel: +44 (0)1334 657575
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