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Product News
Leaders in creativity
AET (Amusement & Edutainment Technologies) is the professional
team of managers, designers, constructors, engineers, technologists
with over 7 years’ working experience in the field of entertainment.
AET is ranked among leaders in designing and realizing
educational and entertaining projects in Eastern Europe. We design
and create family entertainment centers, theme parks, aqua- parks,
theme restaurants and cafes.
Our peculiarity is in our factory, which creates animatronic models,
special effects and scenery/design elements that can turn any
educational and entertaining object into spectacular, unpredictable
and unforgettable place.
We create ready concepts for a variety of entertainment projects.
This is very convenient for their realization as you get a ready product
Live | New | Unique
and all you need to do is to give us the dimensions of your facility,
park or aqua-park so that we can define a preliminary specification a71 AET
and budgeting of the project. Our concepts are based on our a71
Animalive offers your Children’s Play Centre or
customer’s preferences and financial reasonability. a71
FEC the very latest innovation in live character
animation systems. Our patented human motion
capture technology gives a solo operator the
power to animate live cartoon characters or
digital mascots on up to eight remote displays,
in nearly any location! Host parties, offer
information, welcome guests or simply chat with
your customers via the onscreen character of
Attraction? Landmark? Billboard? It’s all 3! Capable of operating in almost
your choice! Animalive gives your team an
all weather The AEROPHARE is a passenger balloon ride within a beautifully
entirely new and unique way to attract and
designed steel tower and flies 12 passengers every 4 minutes a
excite visitors to your facility.
mouthwatering 200 feet with ease comfort and affordability day and night.
AEROPHARE is Installed within the grounds of the shopping center Evry2
Animalive’s bespoke range of installation
(France) since 2008, the ride is a permanent tourist attraction , now a
options will make the most of any site or space.
“major landmark” highly visible for miles around.
In 2008 Shopping Center Evry2 advertised on the balloon which saw
its turnover increase 5%. Also Jewels Agatha advertised on the balloon,
reporting increases 34% of turnover and 26% footfall. Taillefine Fiz also
01273 417440
advertised during a 2 week campaign in 2008 which resulted in doubling
its sales compared to the previous year.
Brightly illuminated, giant advertising surface, passenger affordability,
We’re looking forward to meeting you!
exciting, safe and simple to run, introducing THE AEROPHARE. Aerophiles
newest and most innovative tourist attraction.
Tél : +33 (0) 1 40 60 40 90
UK CONTACT : 00 44 (0)779 6268893
Garner Holt Productions, Inc.
Animatronics are engaging in a way no other medium can match. Dimensional, colorful, and kinetic, animatronics
are able to connect with audiences on powerful level. Garner Holt Productions, Inc. has been in the business of
engaging audiences with our animatronic creations for more than three decades. All over the world, we’ve delivered
animatronics that tell stories, sell merchandise, inform visitors, and add to visual spectacles in places like theme parks,
museums, casinos, and corporate displays.
Animatronics come in a wide spectrum of styles, from realistic humans and animals
to three-dimensional versions of cartoon characters and caricature figures. Garner
Holt Productions has created thousands of characters for discriminating customers like
Disney, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, and other top entertainment and commercial
companies. Our experience has given us the ability to create animatronics that run the
gamut from totally real to really fantastic. In line with the expectations of our clients,
we consistently deliver high-quality figures with a reputation for longevity and reliability.
Garner Holt Productions, Inc.
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22 FEBRUARY 2009
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