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Technologies, techniques and the bottom-line
Session Chairman: Kevin Murphy, Development Director, Event Communications
Harnessing alternative technologies, embracing different approaches and creating wider awareness
of sustainability issues can help improve performance and the bottom line.
1345 Sustainable lighting in the leisure and entertainment industry
John Aston, Marketing Sustainable Lighting, Philips Lighting UK
As venues are looking for ways to ‘go green’, Philips Lighting is involved in projects and initiatives to help major venues
and leisure attractions, such as the Royal National Theatre, National Trust, the O2 Arena, Hampton Court Palace and
Hever Castle, to reduce their lighting energy bills. John Aston will illustrate what organisations are doing and how
technology from Philips is playing its part.
1405 Can new technology save both energy and money?
Robert Simpson, Founder Director, Electrosonic, and Chairman, UK Displays and Lighting Knowledge Transfer Network
A brief review of new technologies for displays, energy management and lighting i.e. the benefits of new light sources are
highlighted whilst dispelling some of the over-optimistic myths; intelligent power management to cut energy costs; and
developments in display technology to give longer life and lower running costs. Also, can photovoltaics make a useful
contribution in northern latitudes? Are there re-cycling issues with new technologies, which may reduce sustainability?
1425 Sustainable Innovation – Challenges and Opportunities
Martin Charter, Director, Centre for Sustainable Design (CfSD), University for the Creative Arts
A former Visiting Professor of Sustainable Product Design, Martin Charter will give an overview of the global challenges
and opportunities for business related to sustainability and innovation. Drawing on his 20 years experience of business
sustainability, he will review designs, technologies and approaches that can make leisure venues more sustainable — and
profitable. He will present his views on where he thinks there are business opportunities for companies supplying
entertainment and other venues, by using sustainable approaches.
1445 Break
Reference Points
Session Chairman: David Hebblethwaite, Creative Director, Event Communications
What can we learn from projects and case studies from early adopters of sustainable design and technology?
1505 In financially turbulent times, can we afford not to be sustainable?
Professor Doug King, Principal, King Shaw Associates and Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Building
Physics at Bath University
Over the years, Doug King has provided the environmental design for many ground-breaking buildings, including the
Sainsbury Millennium Eco-Store at Greenwich, the Weald and Downland Museum Gridshell, The Genzyme Centre in
Boston and the Innovate Green Office. Sustainability has more or less become synonymous with ‘green bling’; expensive
wind turbines or solar panels bolted un-necessarily onto buildings. However this distracts attention from the basic
principals of energy conservation from which all building operators can benefit. At a time when revenues are falling,
energy conservation can reduce overheads and improve the bottom line. Doug King will examine a range of energy
conservation issues relevant to the leisure industry. He will highlight strategies suitable for new build and refurbishment
as well as simple house keeping, using case studies from a wide range of industry sectors.
1525 The Designer’s View
Dan Howarth, Technical Design Manager, KCA London
Drawing on project case studies as illustrative examples, the presentation will explore how spaces can be transformed
into message rich environments by employing sustainable design solutions. The presentation will explore:
· The value of using natural, recycled or reclaimed materials in respect to cost, the environment and visitor experience
· Examples of employing functional and attractive design solutions to transform spaces
· Other devices to engage visitors in sustainable living, including interactive exhibits, installations, object displays and
graphic devices
· The growing trend of visitor experiences that engage audiences in sustainability.
Case studies will draw on past sustainability projects by the KCA London team, which include the Rethink Rubbish Bus
for East Sussex County Council (delivered whilst working at the Science Museum, London); the i-Recycle Centre and the
Green Living Centre for the London Borough of Islington; and Waste Works for the Co-operative Group in Manchester.
1545 One Planet Living Principles and Practice
Liz Darley, Consulting Manager, BioRegional Consulting Limited
Liz Darley will introduce the concept and the ten principles of One Planet Living, the framework that BioRegional
Consulting use for identifying opportunities to reduce environmental impact. She will cover recent projects that
BioRegional have been involved in, including B&Q, One Planet Olympics and a new sustainable community at One
Brighton. Her presentation will show the relevance of One Planet Living to the leisure industry.
1605 The World’s Largest Green Building is a Public Attraction!
Dr Jim Sweitzer, Principal, Science Communications Consultants & Blair Parkin, Managing Director, Visual Acuity
Opened on 28 September 2008, the new California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco is acknowledged as the
world’s largest green building. Blair Parkin and Jim Sweitzer will examine the process and lessons learned from the
design, construction and fit out working with the US Green Building Council’s LEEDs (Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design) system. Blair Parkin was the lead technology consultant on the California Academy of Sciences
project for seven years to the public opening.Visual Acuity is involved in numerous projects across the globe including the
US, Africa and Europe.
1630 Panel Discussion – all the speakers. Delegates will be invited to share their experiences.
1730 Close
TEA Europe Mixer - Open to all TEA members and seminar participants
Supported by
- drinks and dinner at participants’ cost - location and details from TEA Europe
( and, when available, on the TiLE website.
Exhibiting & Sponsorship - There is an opportunity for companies to promote technologies, products and services for leisure venues,
especially if they help increase sustainability and reduce power consumption, pollution & wastage. Exhibit for only £500/€625 plus
VAT at 15% - includes two delegate tickets! Call +44 (0)1985 846181 or email for exhibiting and sponsorship details.
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