‘Te lockdown has brought a major shift towards a digital mindset. Tis is a great opportunity’


release to coincide with a trade fair seems outdated, although whether there are better alternatives remains to be seen. Sam Lopez, senior vice president of sales

and marketing at Matrox Imaging, said that the firm makes a lot of effort to ensure it has exciting new products and technologies to show at each Vision Stuttgart. Matrox Imaging continued development with the hope that the trade fair would happen. However, Lopez added that the company planned to offer new technological innovations to its customers whether or not the event occurred. One of the new products Matrox Imaging

was planning on displaying was the Altiz 3D profile sensor, which is an entirely new product category for Matrox Imaging. Key to this were plans for a live product demonstration to showcase the 3D camera’s reproduction fidelity and highlight the benefits of the dual-camera 3D sensors. ‘As was done in 2018, we were planning

to host product demonstrations from some of our vision representatives, who are experts in developing vision systems that expose some of the best features of

Matrox Imaging’s products,’ Lopez said. ‘Te reception to these demos at the last event was very positive, so we were again excited to put the focus on our representatives and the solutions we offer at Vision 2020.’ Being able to pick up a camera or have a

hands-on demonstration is something that can’t be replicated digitally. In addition, areas of the trade fair, like the integration zone, where customers could bring samples and get recommendations for ways of inspecting a part, is again difficult to do digitally, although CAD models and the ability to capture a part geometry in 3D make this at least possible.

Making digital waves ‘Te lockdown has brought a major shift towards a digital mindset,’ said Claudia Michalke, head of marketing and PR at Laser Components. ‘Tis is a great opportunity to break new ground and to focus on digital channels.’ Vision is an important event for Laser

Components, Michalke said, as the company presents new products, but also its entire product portfolio for the vision market. Laser Components started implementing

a digital workplace in 2018, and is increasingly using it. ‘Video conferencing has become very important, and our sales team has quickly taken advantage of these possibilities,’ Michalke added. ‘In the past, these instruments were mainly used for international communication; face-to-face meetings were preferred locally. ‘In the future, we expect a healthy mix

Vision Stuttgart to return in October 2021

Messe Stuttgart has set a date of 5 to 7 October 2021 for the next Vision show, which will be held in parallel with Motek, a trade fair for automation in production and assembly. Messe Stuttgart plans to enhance Vision 2021 with digital additions – live streaming the presentation stages was one option mentioned by Florian Niethammer, team director and the project manager responsible for Vision at Messe Stuttgart. Most exhibitors (75 per cent)

Florian Niethammer, Vision project manager

and visitors (81 per cent) who took part in Messe Stuttgart’s survey after the 2020 show


was cancelled, agreed that 2021 is when the show should be held. Another outcome of the

survey was that it’s better to enlarge the physical show with digital extensions, rather than running a virtual replacement of the cancelled trade fair. ‘There is a need for

a physical Vision show,’ Niethammer said. ‘Both exhibitors and visitors agreed that they wanted a new date for the show as soon as possible.’ Digital extensions, however,

are a good way to attract more people to learn about vision technology, while retaining the physical show

as a meeting point for the industry. The team at Messe

Stuttgart will also continue with strategic measures initiated in 2020, including the launch of Vision Start-up World and a communication campaign on the Chinese market. Niethammer noted that

trade fairs like Vision are important for small companies and startups to give them visibility in the market. ‘Everyone is looking

forward to meeting next year,’ Niethammer said. ‘There are many companies that have commented positively on the new cycle of the show.’

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of proven and newly added methods to connect with customers,’ she continued. ‘On the other hand, our sales teams are happy being on the road again visiting customers, even if this is under strict health measures.’ MVTec Software is working with its

sales network – it has expanded its partner network with a distributor in Russia, and also opened a branch office in Kunshan, China. Dr Maximilian Lückenhaus, director of marketing and business development, said: ‘Tanks to our well-developed sales and support network, customers can still contact us personally – in their own time zone and in their own language. Personal contact is always important, and we are pleased to be able to provide our customers with continuous and high level of services.’ Lückenhaus added that the company’s

methods for connecting with customers hasn’t changed fundamentally, it’s just that new ones have been added, such as a seminar series MVTec produced on deep learning, and virtual training courses. He added that MVTec ‘still believes in face-to-face exchange and in the importance of shows’, and that ‘once shows take place again and such a show is within MVTec’s business scope, we will exhibit’. MVTec exhibited at Vision China

Shanghai at the beginning of July, which was ‘a great success for us’, Lückenhaus said. Te firm also plans to attend Automatica 2020 from 8 to 11 December, and hold its fourth Innovation Day for partners and customers on 3 February, 2021. Edmund Optics is also working on digital

projects in light of the lack of trade fairs; it g

Messe Stuttgart

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