CONTENTS & LEADER Vision Yearbook 2020/2021

Uncertain times

T Vision Stuttgart 4

Greg Blackman asks the vision community how it plans to connect with customers now that there’s no Vision Stuttgart this year

Mergers and acquisitions Research and development Academia Start-ups 10

Vision Ventures’ Chris Yates on the future of M&A activity in machine vision


Keely Portway looks at the challenges of bringing new technology to market


Greg Blackman finds out how universities teaching image processing have adapted under Covid-19 restrictions


Sujatha Ramanujan, from the Luminate business accelerator, recounts how its recent cohort of young companies coped this year

Venture capital 24

Blumorpho’s Géraldine Andrieux discusses how start-ups should approach pitching for venture capital funding

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Cover: Viktoria Kurpas/ Integration Cost Standards 26

Siga Vision’s Simon Beveridge talks about installing vision systems during the pandemic


Greg Blackman tries to put a price on vision technology


Suprateek Banerjee, of VDMA Robotics and Automation, on OPC Machine Vision, while Prof Dr Bernd Jähne previews release 4.0 of EMVA 1288

Market perspective Product roadmap

Vision suppliers reveal what will be on offer over the coming year

Suppliers’ directory Find the suppliers you need

38 32

The current state of the machine vision sector is analysed by Anne Wendel, of VDMA Machine Vision


his year has been difficult for many in the machine vision industry. Tere are positives:

the pandemic has highlighted the fantastic potential of automation to keep factories running, and automation technology, in general, has good long-term growth prospects, but forced lockdowns have put the brakes on projects and made it harder to do business. Companies are adapting to the situation and finding new ways of operating, and manufacturing is starting to get back on track, but it’s still unclear what the lasting effects of this pandemic will be on the vision sector. One change is that trade fairs have

been put on hold, so vision suppliers are finding new ways to connect with customers, as discussed in the article on page 4. Vision Ventures’ Chris Yates writes about mergers and acquisitions during the pandemic on page 10, while Luminate’s Sujatha Ramanujan (page 20) and Blumorpho’s Géraldine Andrieux (page 24) both give their expertise on how start-ups can get funding during these uncertain economic times. Keely Portway, on page 12, looks at

bringing new technology to market, and there’s also a report on page 18 about how universities and industry are continuing to collaborate on projects during the pandemic. Te article on page 28 addresses

the costs associated with machine vision, while Siga Vision’s Simon Beveridge tells us his experience as a vision integrator working during the pandemic on page 26. Te vision sector will bounce back,

but there’s still a lot of uncertainty at the moment.


Leader Greg Blackman | @imveurope


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