Specifi c Learning & Coaching

Transforming businesses with online workshops

A business that helps companies to facilitate change through listening to customer and employee feedback is running a series of transformational online workshops in May and June. Specifi c Learning & Coaching has put together a series of two-hour

workshops focusing on four key topics: - Improving Your Bounce Back Ability will look at emotional resilience and understanding how and why it may diff er from person to person. It will also enable participants to recognise and acknowledge negative thoughts and self-talk that doesn’t serve them and learn how to build their own emotional resilience tool kit that will keep them uplifted and able to reset their work/life mojo. - Confl ict – How To Manage Your AAPE (Awareness, Assumptions, Perceptions and Expectations) will encourage delegates to think about their own response to confl ict and how to not only manage it, but use confl ict as an energy source to innovate, create and transform situations. - Managing T e Offi ce Overwhelm has been designed to help those who struggle with work/life balance and feel overwhelmed. It will teach those who take part how to change their mindset, prioritise, say no and manage their own time eff ectively. - Presenting With Confi dence will provide top tips to confi dently deliver authentic and engaging presentations and ‘battle the nerves’.

All workshops will be delivered by learning and coaching directors Lindsey Marriott and Charlotte Green.

Lindsey said: “We’ve been running online

workshops since October and they’ve proved to be very popular with businesses that want to support their staff through these challenging times and deliver the best possible customer and employee experiences. “We’re looking forward to providing this latest series of online workshops which will help delegates to manage their workloads more eff ectively and teach leaders how to help their teams thrive in a world of remote or blended working. Charlotte added: “We’ve taken our own advice

and listened to feedback with regards to what businesses are looking for in terms of personal development and training and created a series of workshops accordingly. “With more teams working remotely, support

with things like managing time, conflict and overwhelm are really needed more than ever. And people will more than likely suffer from


nervousness and a dip in confi dence when it comes to presenting face-to-face as the world opens up again. To be able to off er these workshops online makes them accessible to teams who are working all over the place geographically.”

Pictured left to right

Lindsey Marriott Director Specifi c Learning & Coaching –

Charlotte Green Director Specifi c Learning & Coaching

Dates for the workshop are as follows: - Improving Your Bounce Back Ability: Wednesday, May 19 - 2pm to 4pm and T ursday, June 17 - 9am to 11am - Conflict - How To Manage Your AAPE: Friday, May 21 - 2pm to 4pm and T ursday, June 17 - 11.30am to 1.30pm - Managing The Office Overwhelm: Friday, May 21 - 9am to 11am and T ursday, June 17 - 2pm to 4pm - Presenting With Confi dence: Wednesday, May 19 - 11.30am to 1.30pm and Friday, June 18 - 10am to 12pm

For more information see www.specifi, email info@specifi or call 01604 212734

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