companies need to consider work adaptions, the work environment, and environmental, social and corporate responsibility initiatives to acknowledge what the company and its employees have been through and to give them reassurance that they are trusted and valued and that the business is continuing to move forward.” An EVP can be summed up as ‘the reason why people work for you;

feel empowered and motivated in the work environment to remain with you and that it enables a strong, trusting relationship resulting in improved engagement, loyalty and productivity’. Serena divides the proposition into six categories: - Pay – not just how much but how open and fair the pay structure is and whether employees benefi t from bonuses or profi t sharing. - Benefi ts – lifestyle, retirement, holiday and health benefi ts with fl exibility to respond to the employee’s needs. - Wellbeing – mental health strategies, acceptance, being supportive and compassionate - Work Environment – practical work arrangements as well as things like variety, work-life balance, fairness and clarity, communication and policies and processes to support the employee lifecycle. - Career development – stability and advancement prospects, understanding role and aspiration, performance direction and feedback and training and development. - Culture and Belonging – a clear understanding of business strategy, the company’s reputation and values, trust and respect, and diversity, equality and inclusion

Serena added: “Particularly now, as we start to move out of the pandemic, employees may be feeling anxious because they have been working from home or reduced hours, and also uncertain about how well the company is faring after all that has happened. By trusting them and communicating with them and off ering good leadership through the embedding of an EVP, employers can reassure them that they are

valued and will be supported.” Bower HR offers two workshops to help

companies understand, firstly, their values and to embed them, and also the Employee Value Proposition, what it means and how it can be developed and implemented uniquely for their company. “Very few of our clients are starting from scratch,

a good company will already be doing a number of the things that we would consider part of an EVP,” said Serena, “but maybe what they need to do is bring it all together, identify any gaps there might be and devise a well-thought-out and workable programme that begins to embed the company’s values in a holistic way and begin that journey to building and improving employee engagement and satisfaction. “Once we have helped do that, we will provide

support, guidance and work collaboratively with the company from implementation through to measuring engagement

through ongoing

assessment, staff opinion and feedback. “HR support is always going to be a cost to the

business, but it seems sensible to me to use that support to build an environment where issues that could turn out to be even more costly are mitigated from the start. Your employees are your biggest asset and by having them engaged and on board with your values and goals is the foundation of success.”

Contact Bower HR on 01582 283204, email or visit the website



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