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required to have a member of staff qualified to level 4 - the equivalent of a meat inspector. It’s important that when things go wrong with food safety, which also covers misrepresentation of meat, that the response should be proportionate. Small butchers should not pick up the tab. The FSA are addressing

John Mettrick Often I think that we

don’t shout enough about what officers and executive members do on behalf of members. Perhaps we just assume that everyone knows that we are working hard to defend butchers' interests. So I thought I might give just a few examples of meetings, correspondence and discussions that have taken place in the last month.

our concerns and we are having constructive dialog.

differently and will be engaging with the relevant minister to take this forward.

Now we have worked to

create advice for members wanting to develop charcuterie in their business, to make sure they don’t fall foul of the EHO. Another example of how we adapt to new opportunities and challenges in your business. In our business we are

We are actively involved The new evidence

vindicating NCB’s long- standing opposition to the 10 day rule is most welcome, though not surprising. We will be pressing the FSA for an early response (see page 2).

in the IBC (The international butchers Confederation) where we get information on EU regulation and their application in other EU countries. This is important in our discussions with the FSA about small abattoirs. Recently we have had

correspondence about the use of terminology where Vegan products are being marketed with names normally associated with meat products. We know there are strong feelings in the industry about this but don’t worry we are speaking out for you (see page 3).

The Primary Authority Firstly, let’s discuss work

with the FSA. Since the Russel Hulme incident the FSA have carried out a cutting plant review where they have made proposals to change ways that cutting plants are regulated. The focus of executive members and NCB staff is to make sure that our members are not adversely affected by this review. If we did not engage in this process there is a danger that every small butcher who has a cutting room could be

Next under the spotlight

- AHDB. Members have for a while expressed their dissatisfaction with AHDB not in their educational aspects but their promotion of meat and their defence of the industry from the anti-meat lobby. We have been discussing with an AHDB board member different options as to how small abattoirs and butchers in general could be served

Guidance we have developed for members continues to provide valuable assistance to those on the Register, as even a small problem such as a stringent EHO ruling on protective clothing for raw to RTE and back can cause massive disruption in your shop. Please join our Primary Authority Scheme - it can save you a lot of hassle and will be well received by your EHO

constantly looking at value for money as I am sure everyone is, so when you consider all these areas where you are being represented in addition to expert advice on the end of a phone and all the other services you can access from our associated providers I hope you will consider NCB membership money well spent. Talking of money matters

- what a fantastic Easter trade! Supermarkets advertising

lamb seems to have yet again raised awareness of lamb joints for Easter. One customer said she liked the supermarket recipe but would only buy the lamb from a butcher! Legs of lamb were in great demand followed by shoulders and boneless saddles of lamb. Like most butchers we have had a really good clear up.

Add a BBQ bank holiday

to the Easter trade and we couldn’t have wished for anything better. Burgers, Kebabs and sausages all proving difficult to keep up with but we carried on producing whilst local


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