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Te introduction of

products that add value to a basic line can be extremely profitable. A simple dish can become “premium” with the addition of a coater, new flavour, a sauce, or even a butter. A counter display can come to life when there are more colours and textures to see, becoming instantly more attractive. And of course, consumers like variety and added value products can create that variety very easily. For the butcher, this presents the opportunity to make additional profits, without the need for major changes to the existing business. “At Lucas we’ve put a

lot of work in over recent times to create products that add value to a wide variety of meats, both in terms of flavour and appearance. Very oſten, a really simple cut of meat can be made to look more delicious and appealing by using a coater, or a rub for example.” Says Judith Johnston, Senior Account Manager at Lucas Ingredients. “We’re also very mindful of growing trends and have continued to expand our “Smokehouse” range of mixes and seasonings to meet the increasing desire of consumers for smoked flavours. Our Smokehouse Smoked Salt & Pepper Rub provides butchers with the perfect opportunity to combine the delicious taste of smoke and savoury, whilst creating an added value

product. It’s ready-blended and can be used on a wide variety of meats from chicken to kebabs and burgers – just rub it on and instantly it transforms a basic dish into something more exciting.”

“A longer-established

product from Lucas that’s enjoying a major revival is our Bombay Coater. Tis vibrant, textured coater looks fantastic on chops, chicken, grillsticks and joints. Te

spicy colour of orange/yellow looks amazing and it has a deep flavour with plenty of spice – absolutely delicious and certainly adds a variety that consumers are looking for. Our customers find that products coated with Lucas Bombay Coater can be sold at a premium. Consumers like to try something new and different and they are happy to pay for it.” It may be surprising, but

the simple addition of a knob of flavoured butter can also transform a cut of meat into something more interesting and special. It’s a quick and easy way to add value and again, with the right product, can look very attractive on the counter. Continues Judith “Just this month, we’re launching our new Garlic Butter. It’s supplied frozen and comes in a pretty 5g flower- shaped portion that looks really good on a steak, in a chicken Kiev, on a chop, or even on mashed potato as part of a ready-meal display. It’s really delicious too and we’re confident it will be a great success.” Retail butchers can buy

these Lucas Ingredients products from their usual distributor across the UK and more recipes and ideas are available on the Lucas website, or by calling the free Lucas Customer Helpline on 0800 138 5837. n

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