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BUY TODAY – DON’T OVERPAY LATER! Te famous old Benjamin

Franklin saying states that nothing can be certain in life except death and taxes but realistically you can now add energy price increases to that list as well. When was the last time

you got a letter from your electricity company advising that your rate has gone down? Never? Don’t worry, you are in the same boat as the rest of the population. With this in mind it has

never been so important to ensure that any equipment you have is as efficient as it possibly could be. Te refrigeration in your shop will certainly be one of the largest contributors to your energy bill so it is essential to make sure that you are not throwing away unnecessary money. Advances in refrigeration

technology over the last few years, such as more efficient natural gasses, improved compressor performance, low energy fans and LED lighting have all be combined to bring down the running costs of your chillers and freezers. An open fronted chiller, such

or without full glass doors for the same price – an industry first. As a manufacturer, and not

For those of you looking

to save even more money dual glazed doors are the perfect solution offering additional savings of up to 40%. Historically adding doors

was a cost neutral exercise for the environmentally conscious retailer. Te increased purchase price was offset by the energy savings however Capital Cooling now supply the Galaxy display chiller with

just a supplier, Capital Cooling is at the forefront of energy efficient refrigeration. Teir in- house R&D department focus their attention on 5 key areas to ensure that all products live up to the demands of the toughest retailer; o Performance o Reliability o Energy Efficiency o Merchandising Capacity o Value for Money

Te focus is not only on

integral multidecks, Capital Cooling apply this to all products such as serve overs, remote multidecks and even walk-in chillers. By evaluating your existing

refrigeration equipment and using the experience of Capital Cooling to help make the correct choices you will be certain to reduce your energy bills – maybe we don’t actually need to add it to the list aſter all. n

as the Galaxy from Capital Cooling, offers decreases in electrical consumption of up to 25% when compared to the previous model which may only be a handful of years old – compared to anything even older and the savings will increase dramatically.

For further help or assistance with regards to our wide range of models please

contact Gerry Simpson on 07917425497, e-mail: Gerry. Simpson@capitalcooling.

com or call our team on 0800 644 4004.

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