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the business to prevent cross contamination and the owner and head chef were found guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to three and two years prison respectively. Sadly, the case demonstrates

that only tiny amounts of allergen can trigger a fatal reaction.


ingredient information for incoming foods and keep ingredients in the original containers where possible. • Double check all

incoming foods and ingredients for unexpected substitutions or recipe changes. Even products like Worcester Sauce can change. • Ensure all containers are

clearly labelled. • Ensure allergen

information is kept up to date especially when introducing new products, when recipes change, or diff erent brands are

substituted. • Ensure consistency of

your own recipes. • Make sure all relevant

staff are aware of where and how information is stored. • Ensure separate and

secure storage of allergenic ingredients and strict separation, in time or space, when using them. • T e FSA website is

a good source of further information and advice on allergens. T ey have useful downloadable recipe cards etc that you may be able to use.

PRIMARY AUTHORITY Much of the information

above has been taken from our Primary Authority: Assured Advice. T e advice is available to

all members in the Members Area of the National Craſt Butchers website at www. nationalcraſt Have a look now! To get full benefi t from

Primary Authority you will


need to specially register to join the scheme. T is is very straight forward and is completely free. Contact me today to fi nd

out more or just tell us you want “in” and we’ll send the form. n


Yes, it really is as easy as 1,2,3! 1. Sign up to Primary Authority 2. Adopt the easy to follow Govt backed NCB Assured Advice

3. Know that you are the right side of regulation.

T at’s the beauty of Primary Authority – we’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to. All you have to do, is demonstrate to your EHO that you are following the guidance. No more time spent trying to keep up with changes in regulation. No doubt over whether you are interpreting those regulations correctly. And no more hoping your EHO visit runs smoothly. Because by adopting NCB Assured Advice in your operation you’ll know it can’t go any other way. And if for any reason your EHO still isn’t happy just point him or her in our direction. Say goodbye to stressful EHO visits and hello to peace of mind. For more information or to sign up just give us a call on 01892 541412 or email info@nationalcraſt and we’ll do the rest. n

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Top line has the op�on of 13 different headings, including ‘Use-by’, ‘Opened’ or ‘Manu date’ Bo�om line provides op�ons for date, �me and batch code

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