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or chlorine bleach, cover the board in the solution and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Rinse off salt / solution and allow to air dry • Make sure boards are

thoroughly dry before storing as damp boards will support bacterial growth • NOTE: Care must be

taken when using bleach to avoid corrosion of other surfaces and equipment and to ensure personal health and safety. One block manufacturer gives

the following advice on their website: • Daily Care: Using a brush

block brush or a scraper, remove any loose scraps of meat or glued on debris from your wooden chopping block before wiping clean with a damp cloth. DO NOT wash or soak your block as this can cause irreversible damage. • If your wooden butcher’s

block has become swollen following prolonged contact with wet food products then

you can simply apply dry salt liberally across the surface which you should leave overnight before scraping off the following morning. • Weekly Care: Turning


over on a weekly basis, you can signifi cantly reduce the amount of damage caused. • Monthly Care: Flip your

block around every three to four weeks. By turning the face of

Applying vegetable oil every once in a while to the working surface of the block will rejuvenate the end grain whilst keeping it looking pristine. What methods do you use?

Has your EHO ever raised the issue of cleaning wooden blocks with you? We would be interested to hear from you. Please contact Richard Stevenson at richard@nationalcraſt butchers. In my day back in the 70s,

your block over once a week will prevent the overuse of any one side. Wooden chopping blocks are oſt en susceptible to damage caused by the use of sharp implements when cutting the meat. By turning the block

your block around 180 degrees each month, you give your block some much needed breathing space whilst preventing the build up of repeated incisions which can occur in the same places over and over again. Top Tip:

at the end of the working day we would wash down with hot water & detergent, lightly cover the block in sawdust and scrub with a block brush. T e sawdust would absorb the fat & grease and the debris brushed away with a soſt hand brush. No disinfectants or sanitisers applied at any time. Sawdust? Now there

is another old chestnut, unfortunately there are not enough pages in Craſt Butcher to cover this one. n

With the Spicemix del mondo and World Grill Chinatown, you’ve got a huge range of different products at your fingertips.

Both products have been developed with UK butchers in mind, meaning that anyone can create that classic sweet Chinese flavour in an instant.

• Both products carry our Pure label, meaning zero declarable allergens

• The World Grill Chinatown gives any dish a lovely shine under counter lights

• When combined, the two products can create an incredibly high quality, deep flavour.

• The quality of ingredients means that there’s a low application rate

• Instant flavour means it can go straight into the counter after applying

Spicemix del mondo & W rld Grill Chinatown

Verstegen Spices & Sauces UK Ltd. Plough Road, Great Bentley, Essex CO7 8LA United Kingdom Telephone: +44 (0)1206 250200 E-mail:

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