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So why not recruit butchery Apprentices? Tey will need to spend 20%


• Level 2 in Brewing Industry Skills

• Level 2 in Fish and Shellfish Industry Skills

• Level 2 and 3 in Food Industry Skills

• Level 2 and 3 in Meat and Poultry Industry Skills

AN award-winning Welsh training provider Cambrian Training is urging food manufacturers to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week from March 5-9 by investing in apprentices to give their businesses the skills they need now and in the future. Cambrian Training

Company is well known not only in Wales but across the UK as the organiser of the Butchery WorldSkills UK National Competition. Te company is now in the process of trying to get butchery accepted as a skill for the WorldSkills global competition. Te company delivers food

manufacturing apprenticeships across Wales and works with manufacturers of all sizes, from individual butchers to businesses employing hundreds of staff. Cambrian Training

Company is an approved centre with FDQ for the delivery of Food Manufacturing apprenticeships ranging from Foundation (NVQ level 2) to Higher (NVQ levels 4 and above) across Wales. Te Apprenticeship Programme in Wales is funded by the Welsh Government with support from the European Social Fund. Te Food Manufacturing framework includes:

• Level 4 in Food Manufacturing Excellence

Learning through

apprenticeships can help staff develop practical skills in the workplace that are essential to develop a successful career in the industry. An apprenticeship gives learners the opportunity to learn in a more flexible way and enables a wider range of organisations to have their training recognised. For those employers

in Wales who are new to apprenticeships or have not recruited an apprentice for the past 30 months, there’s a great offer on the table from the Welsh Government. Te Apprenticeship

Employer Incentive Programme provides support for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to recruit apprentices aged between 16 and 19 years. Support of up to £3,500

per learner is offered to a maximum of three apprentices per employer and is available irrespective of the level of the apprenticeship. To find out more about the full range of apprenticeship opportunities and training support available, contact Cambrian Training Company on Tel: 01938 555 893.

Emigrated, retired and to meet their maker! So, what are we going to do

about it? • Suffer the skills shortages • Watch your profits shrink and even disappear

• Lose your skilled butchers to the highest bidder

• Work longer and harder yourself

• Invest in high tech machinery, it will help but robots aren't ready yet

Or, train your own

butchers via the government funded apprenticeship scheme. It will take time and effort, but you will have highly trained, efficient young butchers who work to your standards and ways.

of their working hours training either at work or a training centre, learning new skills in practical and theory butchery. When the trainer, employer and learner feel the apprentice butcher is ready, they will then undertake a series of practical and theory examinations which will be graded fail, pass or pass with excellence. Is this the time to recruit?

Yes - there are a lot of bright young people looking at alternatives to university and huge debts. Te apprenticeship route is becoming very attractive. "Apprentices are ambitious,

they're doers, they make businesses grow" says Alan Sugar. It is a misnomer that staff leave once trained and qualified - 96% of our learners are with the same employer one year aſter completing their apprenticeship and 85% aſter two years. Te industry ignores the

With the effect of Brexit,

our EC colleagues are thinking twice about living and working in the UK. However, the ever-resourceful meat industry has an answer. It has developed a butchery apprenticeship which has been designed by butchers for butchers. NVQs are out, Standards are in. Te Standard is similar to the old Institute of Meat Affiliateship and Associateship qualifications.

acute lack of good butchers at its peril. We have a wonderful trade which is being stifled due to lack of skilled, qualified young butchers. We are getting older, it is essential we develop the next generation of craſtsmen, supervisors and managers. Te government is

providing a £1,000 incentive for employers with less than 50 staff and a further £1,000 for young people between 16-18 years old. Large companies paying the Levy are guaranteed the funding for apprenticeships. If you are interested in

finding out more visit or call 01473 270757. n

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