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businesses, so there’s nowhere to hide. Every member of the team counts and you’ll have real responsibility from day one

Business acumen – if I

THE 11th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2018) will run from 5 to 9 March 2018. During the week employers

and apprentices from across England will come together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships whilst encouraging even more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career. Te theme for the

#NAW2018 is ‘Apprenticeships Work’. Showcasing how apprenticeships work: • for individuals • for employers • for the community • for the wider economy

Te objective of National

Apprenticeship Week is to increase awareness and take- up of apprenticeships and traineeships by:


• Recognising apprenticeships as a ladder of opportunity to a brighter future and showing that they are available for all.

• Celebrating the benefits apprenticeships bring to employers and the impact apprentices can have on businesses and the wider economy.

• Celebrating the impact apprentices have made over that time.

Sue Husband, Director,

National Apprenticeships Service said: “Te success of National

Apprenticeship Week hangs on the fantastic support we receive during each National Apprenticeship Week we’ve run. We want 2018 to eclipse previous triumphs and we would encourage apprentices, employers and our partners

WITH National Apprenticeships Week approaching I find myself pondering this industry I’ve devoted my entire working life to. For me I have no regrets. Being a butcher has given me a long fulfilling career; I’ve

visited places I would never have dreamt possible and met some incredible people along the way. But at sixteen I had few expectations of my working life, other than the desire to follow in my father's, grandfather's and great- grandfather's footsteps. Young people today have so many more career choices open to them. So, what would I say to my sixteen-year-old self, if I were faced with those choices today? Why would I choose a career in butchery, or in the meat industry at all? Quite simply butchery

develops skills that last a lifetime. Tose skills can be

to join forces and help celebrate the brilliance of apprenticeships. Apprenticeships offer real

career opportunities and National Apprenticeship Week 2018 will showcase how apprenticeships work across all industries, sectors and job roles, from school leaving age to older apprentices. Tere’s no better way

to mark apprenticeship achievement than by the apprenticeship community coming together and shouting loudly about the difference apprenticeships are making. Please use the resources we’ve provided to develop fantastic opportunities to applaud apprenticeships during the week”. For more information visit

put to use in a whole range of roles within the wider meat industry, or indeed are the foundation for running a successful butchery business. Let’s have a look at just a few of them: Teamwork – the majority of butchers shops are small

mentioned predictive costings, saleable yields, product pricing and stock taking you’d be forgiven for thinking I was talking about being an accountant not a butcher! But all these solid business skills will soon become second nature to you as a butcher Technical skill – you’ll be

learning a craſt that dates back centuries and is admired the world over. You’ll have the opportunity to improve your craſt and test your skills at competitions at home and abroad Customer service – this

will be as important to you as a craſt butcher as your knife skills. You’ll learn to build strong relationships with your customers and provide a service that keeps them coming back And if all of that wasn’t

enough to persuade me then I might just drop the butchery apprenticeship into the conversation. Tat butchery was the first food craſt to gain government approval in their far-reaching reform of the apprenticeship system. Tat it has since been hailed by government as an example of best practice. Tat there’s been over 200 starts since its launch less than two years ago. Tat there’s the opportunity for real progression, as now we have an approved Advanced Butcher apprenticeship as well. Or that if I worked hard enough maybe I could join the elite ranks of Institute of Meat accredited Master Butchers one day too. And last but not least that I’d be earning whilst I was learning. You know I think I’d make

the same decision all over again. As I said, no regrets.

Keith Fisher Chief Executive

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