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Helping Nutrition Happen Wi th over 50 years of expert ise Nutriad offers a broad portfolio of innovative products designed to ensure palatability, acceptance and intake in pig, ruminant, poultry, aqua and equine feed applications. From stimulating feed intake at critical periods such as weaning and lactation to masking or accentuating the taste and aroma of diet ingredients, Nutriad has a solution.

DELISTART® and OPTISWEET® product families provide specific

taste cues to stimulate intake of lamb and calf milk replacers and starter feeds and are the only products to contain Talin®

the natural flavour

modifier, unique to Nutriad. KRAVE®

AP will stimulate sow appetite and feed intake during

lactation that, in trials has led to significant increases in milk production, litter weight gain and uniformity without loss in sow condition. For adult ruminants, the most taste sensitive of livestock, tried and palatants provide greater flexibility in ration formulation

tested GUSTI®

and ensure feeds and supplements are readily consumed, reducing sorting and waste. A portfolio of BETA NOPS accredited products specifically

for equine feed, supplements and treats is now available including OPTISWEET®

EQUINE to replace lost sweetness in reduced energy

low molasses feeds. Nutriad palatability solutions comply with the all of the new

provisions set out in the recently published flavouring additive re- authorisations and no additional labelling requirements are necessary when using at recommended levels in final feed. For more information or to discuss your specific requirements for a particular species, life-stage or feed type with our technical team please contact Nutriad. Contact: Nutriad Ltd, 1 Telford Court, Chester Gates, Chester CH1 6 LT England Tel: +44 1244 853400 e-mail:

natural pigments. These products are produced starting from agricultural products, carefully harvested and selected for the quality and content in carotenoid pigments. Capsantal EBS Is a yellow pigmenter, mainly based on lutein with a high percentage of trans isomers, obtained from extracts of Marigold flowers (Tagetes erecta) carefully stabilized, homogenized and saponified to give maximum intestinal absorption and biological efficiency. Capsantal FS Is a red pigmenter, mainly based on trans-capsanthin, obtained through a highly developed process of extraction from selected varieties of peppers (Capsicum annum), carefully processed to potentiate the natural red colour of their pigments. Besides the powder form, Capsantal is also available in an easy to handle micro pearl. Natural pigments make it possible to obtain a high level pigmentation of the broiler skin and the egg yolk based on natural and biological products. Engineering feed solutions – done by dedicated experts Find your Orffa specialist at

PANCOSMA SA Pancosma is the leading company in the research, development, production and worldwide sales of palatants used in animal feed. Based on advanced research and innovation, Pancosma creates palatants, which bring real value to an increasingly specialized area of animal nutrition. Since it was established in 1947, Pancosma has been refining

the technology used in the production of palatants, to improve feed palatability and encourage higher feed intake, which is crucial for optimal animal productivity. Our sophisticated flavours have a powerful impact in the nose and oral epithelium. In addition, Pancosma’s market leading sweetener and taste enhancer, SUCRAM®

, has a strong and

unique effect on the tongue and the lingual epithelium. We have proved that palatants not only target the oral and

ORFFA High level of pigmentation with natural ingredients Orffa develops, customizes, sources and offers feed additives and feed additive concepts for the animal nutrition market. In short: we create, select and deliver. We offer both in-house developed and branded products as well as distribution products. Orffa’s brands, Elovitals, Excentials and Top Select, stand for exceptional quality as well as proven and documented efficiency. One of the products in the Top Select line is the line of Capsantal


lingual epithelium, but also positively affect nutrient uptake in the gut. A sophisticated research program has demonstrated that the gut is indeed an epithelial surface with sensory properties, able to perceive its environment and adapt to it. This concept of Intelligent Gut Action ensures that Pancosma’s palatants improve feed palatability, increase feed intake, and enhance the absorption of nutrients in the gut, providing greater flexibility in feed formulation. All products are manufactured using the unique Iso-Fusion production process (micro-sized particles with uniform


homogeneity). Pancosma’s palatants are scientifically developed, tested by an in-house panel, and validated by the highest scientific protocols to meet our customer’s expectations. Contact: Clément Soulet – Product manager, PANCOSMA SA, Voie des Traz, 6, 1218 le Grand Saconnex – Switzerland Phone : +41 22 929 84 92 E-mail :

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