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Figure 2: Changes of pH of the rumen during postfeeding hours for control and treatment groups


also does not negatively affect soil quality or water quality, so drinking and irrigation effects will also be avoided (Berg et al., 2010).

6.6 6.5

Control MgO-A MgO-B MgO-C


Conclusion Timab Magnesium will continue to provide information and technical support to the feed market, and will be working on the production and supply of specialty products to help to keep operational costs down for feed production.

6.3 References 6.2 6.1 0 2 4 Time Postfeeding (h) Also, magnesium oxide is believed to aid in the mammary uptake

of acetate and other fat precursors from the blood, helping towards milk quality.

A new solution coming to meet changing demand on our dairy Herds The dairy industry is constantly evolving, with many outside variables affecting performance of dairy herds. Since 1995 the national dairy herd has decreased substantially, from 2.6 million heads to 1.9 million heads in 2016 (provisional), however the yearly volume of milk produced nationally has increased by 4% within this same period. This increase in total milk production, comes from an increasing strain on dairy cows to produce a higher volume of milk. The milk yield, per cow per year, has drastically increased since 1995, from 5500l up to 7900l in 2016 (provisional, AHDB), which is an increase of 44%. To cater for this increased demand in milk yield, farming practices and feeding regimes have also had to evolve and change during this time, and buffer feeding has become more commonplace on the farm. The increase in demand of buffer feeding has brought new strains and difficulties to the feed production industry, as new formulations have had to be drawn up, often resulting in higher logistical and operational costs which directly impacts on margin. This is another area of feed production Timab Magnesium would like to address, and offer a solution to help our clients continue to service the dairy industry amidst the high demands on milk production. By designing a specific formulation, we will be able to decrease operational costs for our customers by reducing volume throughput on site, thus saving on production costs and increasing margin potential. TIMAB Magnesium are devoted to developing a specific product,

with a formula based upon the best performing magnesium compounds in acidosis treatment, produced by our own production sites. By formulating a unique combination of compounds, physical structures and surface areas, this product would have a fast-acting and slow release function, providing a longer term rumen buffer than many conventional buffers in today’s market. Diet supplementation with this product would not affect the DCAD, as magnesium does not elicit important biological effects on the anion/cation balance. Magnesium

6 8

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Rumen pH

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