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activity present in palm oil. It can be added to both compound feed formulations or farm-prepared TMR’s to help increase energy density and subsequent animal performance. Monopropylene glycol (MPG), used as a readily absorbable energy

source for pre- and post-partum ruminants, is available in both liquid (100%) and solid (60%) forms. New Product: New Protected Fat with a unique fatty acid profile launching shortly. More info soon.

Azelis, Alexander House, Crown Gate, Runcorn, WA7 2UP, UK Tel: (+44) 07816 962409 E-mail:

ED&F MAN LIQUID PRODUCTS UK LIMITED ED&F Man Liquid Products is the leading supplier of molasses based l iquid products to the feed manufacturing industry. Offering a range of product options to suit individual production needs. Whether you are looking for molasses as a raw material ingredient of more specialist coating products we can supply highly cost effective solutions to meet the ever increasing demands of our industry. In the global market Molasses prices have remained relatively

stable for some time but the dramatic changes in currency since the Brexit vote has put upward pressure on UK molasses prices along with other key feed ingredients. However molasses blends still represent excellent value especially as sugars are now recognised as a key nutritional component of an effective ruminant ration and are vital in producing good quality pellets. It is therefore important to look at maximising inclusions in compound feed formulations The Millspec range offers cost effective options designed to

supply high levels of nutrition with ease of handling to ensure high quality pellet production Molglo/Blendflo: The market leader in coating product technology,

if one of our current range doesn’t fit the bill we will work together to produce a bespoke solution tailored to our customers specific needs. ED&F Man can also offer bespoke products formulated to exactly meet customers’ individual requirements.

TROUW NUTRITION GB Trouw Nutrition is active in the high energy supplements and rumen- protected fat market with both a calcium soap and a high C16:0 product.

Maxfat CS is a proven calcium soap. Calcium salts of palm fatty acids (84% fat) are particularly useful in compound feeds not only to boost ration energy levels, but also to help improve pellet quality. However,

in situations where rumen pH is likely to fall below 6.0, the feeding of calcium salts is not recommended because rumen fat protection may be affected.

Butterboost 2 is a 100% fat, distilled from palm oil to raise the level of palmitic acid (C16:0) to over 90% and is used to help support milk butterfat as well as yield. It is the preferred fat for use in TMRs where acidic silage forms a significant part of the diet or where rumen pH is likely to fall below 6.0. Butterboost 2 has a rumen by-pass level of 95% and a digestibility in excess of 90%.

Farm-O-San Pro-Keto is a liquid supplementary dietetic feed developed to support high yielding dairy cows and help reduce the risk of ketosis. It includes essential ingredients required for a good start to lactation and the maintenance of healthy liver function - glycerine and propylene glycol supply highly effective extra energy while niacin, choline and vitamin B12

improve the efficiency of energy utilization. It may also be

fed to ewes around lambing when they are susceptible to twin lamb disease (pregnancy ketosis).

Farm-O-San Pro-Keto Dry is a supplementary dietetic feed based on chicory pulp and propylene glycol as energy sources, together with niacin, choline and vitamin B12

utilization. It is designed for use in high yielding dairy cows, and ewes around lambing, to help reduce the risk of ketosis.

to improve the efficiency of energy

Trouw Nutrition GB, Blenheim House, Blenheim Road Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1HA T: 01335 341100 F: 01335 341171 E:

UNITED MOLASSES GB LTD United Molasses offers a range of molasses products developed specifically to meet the diverse needs of compound animal feed manufacturers. Our range consists of high energy liquids such as Feed Cane in addition to products with modified flow characteristics such as Millflow to help ease any potential handling issues. We believe our product range allows us to offer a liquid that will fit every mill situation. At United Molasses we have also developed an extensive range of specialist coating products that includes our Molablend range which caters to the diverse needs of coarse mixes and blended feeds. These products supply all the nutritional benefits of molasses while also


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