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Sensory Products

A Round-up of Sensory Products: Flavours/Palatants/ Sweeteners, Colourants/Pigmenters

AZELIS Azelis Animal Nutrition of fers an extensive range of feed flavours and sweeteners, working with supply partners Phytobiotics and Symrise. The well-established, extensive Bigarol®

spicy options developed to optimise both smell and taste of feeds for livestock and pets. Bigarol®

range covers savoury, fruity, milky/creamy and

we can discuss the various options.

Azelis, Alexander House, Crown Gate, Runcorn, WA7 2UP, UK Tel: (+44) 07816 962409 E-mail:

BASF PLC The BASF Lucantin®


has a wide range of effective applications, and is used primarily in poultry and aqua feeds.

Lucantin ® CX Forte (Citranaxanthin)

This red carotenoid is used exclusively in poultry rations in order to impart redness to egg yolks. A close relative of the yellow pigment C-30 ester, citranaxanthin is efficiently assimilated and deposited in yolks, where it contributes to the consumer appeal of eggs and egg products. Used in conjunction with yellow pigments, citranaxanthin increases yolk colour intensity to meet market demands for golden-orange yolks. Citranaxanthin has been applied in this field for approximately 30 years and well known for its excellent colouring properties.

flavours are available in powder, encapsulated (for longer

lasting sensory effects and improved stability), liquid (water soluble) or oil soluble formulations. Expert advice is on hand to ensure that selected flavours are compatible with certain feed ingredients, such as fishmeal and fats. Use of an incompatible flavour means that the unpleasant taste may not be masked, so it is essential to ensure that the correct flavour for each application is chosen. Azelis also offers three sweeteners: Piggysweet is a uniquely

formulated sweetener specifically designed for inclusion in piglet diets up to four months of age. Trials have proven it to outperform a leading sweetener when included in the diets of weaned piglets. Appitello Naturale is an entirely natural sweetener, produced from

plant extracts and designed to enhance the palatability of animal feed in situations where saccharin based sweeteners are not permitted. It has a sweetening power approximately 300 times greater than sucrose making it a highly effective natural solution. It is suitable for use in all species and there is no upper dose limit. Phytosweet is a plant-derived appetising additive with a pleasant,

hay-like scent. With a sweetening power 40 – 50 times that of sugar, it allows reduced dietary molasses inclusions whilst still boosting feed intake. Azelis Animal Nutrition also carries a broader range of other

sensory additives approved for either feed or food applications including colours such as Red Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. Other flavours that have a positive effect on intake with prebiotic

qualities such as natural and toasted Carob powders (Caromic 105/500) are available in various grades for use in a wide range of formulations for feeds and supplements across all species. Please contact us if you are in need of a particular solution and

PAGE 68 MARCH/APRIL 2017 FEED COMPOUNDER Crina® Protect a novel way to protect feed efficiency

We are all aware of the challenges facing dairy producers currently even with milk prices rising and improving from the extreme lows of 2016. Efficiency is key. Crina®

Protect is a new innovative form of Crina® for Ruminants

specific produced with a spray chilled coating to ensure 100% delivery of the volatile botanical components into the rumen to ensure efficacy.

Lucantin® Lucantin®

Yellow ( Apocarotenoic C-30 ester) Yellow is primarily used in combination with Lucantin®

Forte to obtain the desired yolk or broiler skin colour Lucantin®

Pink ( Astaxanthin)

Astaxanthin is the carotenoid that provides the pink-red pigmentation, that is a familiar characteristic of salmon and shrimps. With Lucantin® Pink, BASF offers a high quality pigmenter in an effective and practicable formulation for the production of aqua feed. To protect oxygen sensitive nutrients, BASF has developed a sophisticated technology. The specific formulation process ensures the outstanding stability of the final product together with high bioavailability. BASF plc, PO Box 4, Earl Road, Cheadle Hulme, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 6QG Tel : 01772 603119 e-mail : web :


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