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A message from the Editor Dear Reader,

n these unprecedented times, I felt it was only right that I address you personally. I speak on behalf of the whole Printwear & Promotion team when I say that our thoughts are with you during these difficult times.

There is no escaping the fact that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on the garment decoration industry in the UK, and this may continue for some time yet. At the time of writing the Government had just announced a further three weeks of lockdown taking us through to the second week in May.

As we have lived with these restrictions in place since March, hopefully you have started to adjust to this new way of living and working. I personally have been working from home since lockdown was announced and I never thought I would miss working alongside my team as much as I do.

With many businesses either operating on skeleton staff, working from home or shutting up shop temporarily, we are working hard to bring you the latest news and advice from across the garment decoration industry to help you get back on track as quickly as possible, when business resumes. And where better place to start than our May issue. You’ll find inside a special report all about coronavirus. We explore the impact the virus is having on businesses across the world and what manufacturers and decorators alike are doing to help during the pandemic. We’ve even included a guide to what help is available from the Government during this period of difficulty. Besides this, we bring to you plenty of fresh printwear styles for women and sports teams to hopefully provide you with some inspiration so you are ready and raring to go when working life resumes.

In the meantime, if you would like to share your personal coronavirus story with me, I would be very interested to hear it. Just simply send me an email at or pick up the phone for a chat on 01622 699114. As we head into May not knowing quite what is around the corner, I hope that you heed the Government’s advice and stay home and stay safe.

On behalf of the Printwear & Promotion team, I hope you enjoy this month’s issue.


5 Industry News Market and industry update

18 Machinery News The latest pieces of equipment


23 Business Monitor With Paul Clapham

24 The Screen Print Column With Colin Goode and Debbie Terry of Adelco

28 The DTG Column With Julian Wright of Amaya Sales UK

29 The Promo Column With Stuart Derrick

53 The Dye Sub Column With Andrea Evans of Sawgrass

64 The Embroidery Column With Jas Purba of ETC Supplies

74 P&P Online Features:

Melanie Melanie Attlesey

P&P editor 26 Case Study

Rosie Lees of The Embroidery Barn explains why she purchased the Roland BT-12

30 Focus on Womenswear The latest and freshest styles for women

42 Industry Report An overview of the organic textiles market

44 Focus on Transfer Printing Looking for a new transfer or heat press – look no further

54 Decorator Profile

P&P editor Melanie Attlesey speaks to Geoff Hemmerman about ice hockey and more

56 Focus on Team Sportswear Pick up a new kit for any kind of sports team

View the latest womenswear styles from page 30

The team

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Check out kits for sports teams from page 56

Peruse tunics and aprons for the health & beauty market from page 66

66 Focus on Health & Beauty Tunics, aprons and more for the health and beauty industry

The latest happenings online

20 Coronavirus Special We provide you with an overview of how COVID-19 is affecting the industry

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