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Kornit Digital introduces NeoPigment Robusto Softener solution for fashion on demand


ornit Digital has announced the release of its new NeoPigment Robusto Softener solution for Presto, the company’s system for digital, pigment-based direct-to-fabric decoration. Reflecting Kornit’s commitment to expanding sustainable, on-demand (i.e. waste-free) decoration capabilities to all corners of the textile industry, this solution eliminates a key barrier between digital, pigment-based impressions and the fashion industry – namely, a softer handfeel. The new softener solution is a product of the brand’s continuous innovation strategy, making Kornit technology the fashion world’s solution for on-demand proximity production. By streamlining the end-to-end process, these systems eliminate the need to predict demand

GeigerBTC announces leadership change


icky Kinasz will be replacing Frank Murphy

as the managing director of GeigerBTC when he retires at the end of the month. Mr Murphy was a founding partner of BTC Group, which Geiger acquired in April 2018.

He said; “Following a very successful two- year transition period I am looking forward to a new and exciting stage in my life, albeit one curtailed

and manage inventory, while supporting global sustainability imperatives. Offering vibrant colours, intricate design capabilities, and a fabric touch that is second to none, Kornit’s pigment-based digital print solutions require minimal space and labor relative to competitive offerings. Ronen Samuel, Kornit CEO, said: “The new Softener addresses the final sticking point we’ve encountered for high fashion and other markets considering a move to digital printing – and that’s the touch, the physical feel of the finished piece. “Being able to produce precisely and only what is sold, and doing so in a manner that reflects the premium modern consumers place on community and social responsibility, is the key to stability and growth in these uncertain times.”

NeoPigment Robusto Softener

Kornit digital textile print systems are GOTS and Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex certified.

Schoolwear Show organisers issue statement in view of coronavirus


Vicky Kinasz is the new MD of GeigerBTC

somewhat by the current coronavirus crisis. I cannot speak more highly of the care and consideration Geiger has shown to me during this transition period. “While I am saddened to leave behind an amazing team of colleagues, many of whom I have known for more than 25+ years, I could not be more delighted to hand the reins over to Vicky Kinasz. I know she will lead GeigerBTC on to even greater things.” Ms Kinasz joins the firm as an entrepreneurial senior professional with an outstanding track record of success in commercial operations, management and sales.

She said: "I am delighted to be joining the team at GeigerBTC. I have spent over 20 years in the promotions industry, and to have the opportunity to join a world class organisation with such an incredible culture and heritage is truly the most exciting opportunity of my career. I very much look forward to meeting in the near future with all our clients, partners and suppliers."

| 10 | May 2020

n light of the COVID-19 outbreak, The Schoolwear Show Board has issued the following statement to all exhibitors regarding the upcoming event. “Firstly, the organisers of The Schoolwear Show hope that you and all your staff are safe and well. We find ourselves in unprecedented times, both personally and commercially, with a lot of uncertainty at the moment. “However, we must plan for the future while trying to get through the present. Following a meeting of the directors of The Schoolwear Show, there are a few

actions and decisions that we have taken.

“There are several companies that have already booked space at the October 2020 show and paid deposits. We will arrange to send those deposit payments back to you; we believe that money is currently better served in your business than with us. Please send your bank details to Cath Gibson to start this process.

“All companies that have booked stands at the October 2020 show will retain the positions they have booked without the need, for now, of having to pay a deposit.

“Because the situation is so fast-moving but currently without any idea of when it may end, we will review the future of the October 2020 show on a month by month basis. We will advise when and if any further decisions are made.

“Our collective view is that a show in October would provide a much- needed confidence boost for the industry; bringing together retailers, manufacturers, reps and agents to plan for the future. So, that is what we are currently planning for.

“Please stay safe and well. By the industry working together, we will get through this and out the other side.”

The Schoolwear Show 2020 is scheduled to take place at Cranmore Park in Solihull on from October 11 to 13.

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