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Roland DGintroduces two new products for printers


oland DG has introduced the new EJ-640 DECO printer, which uses ecological water-based ink, designed for digitally printing stunning interior décor applications, and the VersaUV LEF2-300D, which enhances print possibilities

Developed specifically to meet the demands of the thriving interior décor market, the new EJ-640 DECO can produce customised wallpaper, lampshades, blinds, posters, exhibition graphics, outdoor promotions and so much more – supplying the ever-growing consumer appetite for eco-friendly products and designs that stand out from the crowd.

Paul Willems, director of business development and product management at Roland DG EMEA, said: “With low production costs and impressive versatility, the EJ-640 DECO delivers exceptional quality and durable print on a range of materials. It’s the printer the industry has been waiting for." The EJ-640 DECO combines the creativity of the design world with the technical possibilities offered by wide format printing. First introduced in 2011, the VersaUV LEF series has proved incredibly popular, witnessing years of evolution to allow for larger bed sizes and finer finishing details. Roland DG has now released the VersaUV LEF2-300D, a new model with 200mm height, which not only supports taller items, but adds capacity for a wider variety of jigs, expanding the print potential on offer. The VersaUV LEF creates vibrant colour and realistic textures,


n all-new EconoRed ER-III-30 high- capacity dryer from Vastex cures screen-printed plastisols,

water-based inks and discharge at higher rates, in a smaller footprint, at lower cost and more quietly than the BigRed 3 model it replaces.

With a 76cm wide belt and three 61cm wide, 3,600 watt heaters (total 10,800 watts) it can cure 475 garments/h printed with plastisol ink, or 150/h printed with water-based ink or discharge. An EconoRed III-30-2 version equipped with an additional heating chamber (total 21,600 watts), allows doubling of belt speed, curing up to 950 garments/h printed with plastisol ink, or 300/h printed with water-based ink or discharge. The heaters feature closely spaced coils that provide high-density, medium- wavelength infrared heat for maximum


ismatic has introduced the second generation Sophia single-colour automatic screen printing machine, which features a whole host of new improvements.

Sophia has been designed and built to satisfy the requests of Mismatic’s customers. This single-colour automatic screen printing machine is compact in size, easy to use, with an excellent production per hour and above all low-cost. Improvements include: ● Improved design. ● Doubled production speed.

| 18 | May 2020 EJ-640 DECO

allowing for on demand customisation across a range of products and substrates, including leather bags, shoes, phone cases and other promotional items and gifts. Francisco Lozano, product manager Roland DG EMEA, said: “Given the versatility of the VersaUV LEF, we’ve seen fantastic success stories from a range of users. They come not just from the print industry, but also from retail, manufacturing and other industries – many of whom previously only relied on screen printing processes, without a complementary digital device such as the VersaUV series.”

Vastex's EconoRed III dryer ups capacity, reduces cost and size EconoRed ER-III-30

cure speed without cold spots or under-curing and come with a 15-year warranty. With the Vastex Infrared Focusing System, the heaters can be adjusted to any height 5 to 17cm above the belt, allowing the operator to compensate for varying garment thicknesses.

Mismatic introduces second generation Sophia

● Introduction of a control panel equipped with a colour touch-screen LCD monitor. ● Electronics controlled by a latest generation PLC. ● Introduction of an Ethernet/ WiFi router for remote service. ● The machine can also be controlled from tablets and smart phones (iOS and Android). The second generation Sophia also includes a moving printing table. The introduction of this has allowed the size of the machine to be reduced and makes loading and unloading of the garment easy and fast.

The dryer is over 20% quieter and 13cm narrower than its predecessor owing to its top-mounted exhaust system, and allows positioning of the control box on the right (standard) or left side of the enclosure to suit shop layouts. The new exhaust system draws in filtered air that cools the outer skin of the dryer while a powerful 10.75 CMM exhaust system evacuates moisture and fumes from the heating chamber. The two-chamber model includes a 21.5 CMM system. As with all Vastex conveyor dryers, EconoRed dryers are supplied as standard with a digital PID temperature controller accurate to =/- 1°, allowing the operator to repeat or fine-tune drying results at any future time.

EconoRed III-54 models with 137cm wide conveyor belts will soon follow.

Mismatic has introduced the second generation Sophia

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