SkillFRIDGE 2019: All eyes on the prize as regionals drawto a close

Thismonth sees the SkillFRIDGE 2019 heats coming to an endwith the last regional competition taking place on Tu

Tuesday 16 July at Grimsby Institute, before the six highest scoring RACHP apprentices turn their attention to the national final.

The University of Padua in Italy played host to an international symposium organised in collaboration with the National Council of Research and Italian Union for Thermal-

fluidynamics, while Germany’s Bundesfachschule Kälte Klima Technik held an open day, opening the doors to its technical training centres and providing detailed information on the training and study programmes available.

A common goal O

ver the past few months, the best and brightest apprentice RACHP engineers have been battling it out in the SkillFRIDGE regional heats across the UK, demonstrating their

knowledge and practical skills to the judges while vying for a place in the final this November. The SkillFRIDGE 2019 national rankings will be

regionals, with the top six highest scorers going announced following the conclusion of the

overall scorer from the regional heats will receive Birmingham’s NEC.Meanwhile, the highest through to theWorldSkills UK LIVE final at

Services Association (BESA) Awards later in the a special accolade at the Building Engineering

Cardiff and Vale College, Glasgow Kelvin College, Regional contests have now been completed at year.

Bath College, Eastleigh College and the Practical

Lancashire. This latter heat was held on 26 June, Refrigeration Training Centre in Burnley,

World Refrigeration Day, in a demonstration of SkillFRIDGE’s support for the industry and this newly inaugurated campaign.

The first everWorld Refrigeration Day

was developed by former Institute of Refrigeration The concept of an annualWorld Refrigeration Day

The initiative is intended to raise the profile of president Steve Gill.

this essential industry – which plays a

fundamental yet often under- acknowledged role in modern life – to ensure that society at large has the opportunity to recognise the contribution that refrigeration, air

conditioning and heat pumps make to so many areas, from the

July/ y/Augus t 2019

medical industry to food supply and farming, process engineering and data and IT.

The first everWorld Refrigeration Day saw an array of supporting, awareness-raising events being held across the globe. In the US, example, UN Environment united with

the for

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to deliver an accessible and informative webinar entitled Refrigerants for life: how refrigerants affect modern life .

Back on UK soil, the Practical Refrigeration Training Centre in Burnley took a very similar approach, not only serving as the site for one of the SkillFRIDGE regionals but also opening its doors and offering an industry ‘break out’ area with advice on training and entry into the RACHP sector, supported and attended by Pendle RefrigerationWholesale, Controls UK, The Skills Company, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce – Low Carbon, and the Institute of Refrigeration. It makes sense that SkillFRIDGE has chosen to align itself closely withWorld Refrigeration Day, because the two initiatives share the same aim: raising the profile and visibility of the industry to improve its appeal and encourage newcomers, thereby helping to tackle the engineering skills shortage and secure the future of this vital sector.

To find outmore about howyou can sponsor the SkillFRIDGE competition series and showyour support for industry and its next generation of engineers, contact Karena Cooper at

fo ct

The RACHP industry is also expected to garner worldwide attention Representing RACHP in Russia

medallist, heads toWorldSkills Kazan 2019 in Russia as part of Team next month when Orlando Rawlings, SkillFRIDGE 2017 bronze

With Orlando’s preparation for the competition now in full swing, UK, representing his industry against a host of other nations.

his training manager and head judge for SkillFRIDGE,Mark Forsyth, explained: “As you would expect, skills development forms a large

will be expected to compete for up to eight hours a day, so you could WorldSkills competition in Russia runs for four days and competitors part of the training programme I have devised for Orlando. The

argue that they work harder than an Olympic athlete.

“Orlando is fully aware that the final test atWorldSkills Kazan will be a ‘blind test’ which means nobody, not even me, will know what needs to be built until arrival at the event. Therefore, in preparation, I have given Orlando different exercises to develop his capability and he will also travel

“However, technical skills of an individual are only half the story when to St. Petersburg in Russia for further training.

it comes to taking part in

international competitions. Orlando is no different; he needs the mindset of a medal winning champion if he is to succeed.

“AtWorldSkills Kazan 2019, we hope to replicate the medal winning success that our athletes have enjoyed at recent Olympic Games, but whatever the result we know that Orlando and the other members of Team UK (who will compete in 33 different skills) will take back to their employers invaluable skills which will accelerate their apprenticeship training and career progression.” 45

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