‘Green’ classrooms

…well, more of a beautiful brown, actually. Society is placing a growing value on making environmentally-sustainable choices.With the pollution and destruction of our planet ever- increasingly important, many schools are seeking to burnish their ‘green’ credentials, and there’s no better choice than ti In the UK, buildin

gs currently account for 40 mber construction.

per cent of our total contribution to the greenhouse effect. As the only carbon-neutral building resource out there, wood has come to the rescue—and not just in education. Timber stores gasses that would otherwise contribute to the greenhouse effect, releasing them back into the atmosphere without surplus when naturally

When sourced responsibly, timber has the degrading over time.

building material; because more trees can be lowest ecological resource use index of any

compared to steel, concrete and masonry, timber planted, wood is 100%renewable.When

is also incredibly lightweight and easy to work with. This means that the energy needed for

renewable—is lower. For schools, there’s also an manufacture and transport—which is non-

added bonus to making the ‘green’ choice of timber construction—the proj

eligible for external grants and funding.

finding some kind of solution with timber. As a and quality is a huge issue.Many, however, are For the vast majority of schools, balancing cost Budget and time-friendly teaching spaces

rule, construction proj ojects undertaken with timber

—as opposed to other traditional building materials like brick or concrete—come in at a cheaper cost. This is simply because timber is a more abundant, less frequently used material. It’s

exceeds the speed at which the material is being Wood being grown for timber usage currently also much quicker and easier to work with.

used, so there’s actually a surplus of it—which 34 July/y/August 2019 ojects can become

can’t be said of other building materials. This is good news for quick building as timescales for supply are very short. Also, because of the off-site construction element inherent to timber, the amount of on-site disruption to schools is drastically reduced. Timber classrooms can be erected by a team of specialists in a matter of days or weeks.

Timber construction is changing the education, providing high-tech, ‘green spaces that come with time, performance, budget, space and environmental bonuses.

’ teaching game in

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