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Filton Avenue is a safe, secure and aspirational learning environment, where children are

encouraged to achieve highly and feel valued. As part of my role as Assistant Headteach on Years 5 and 6, ensuring that they n happy, healthy, confident, independent and motivated learners, but that they also have a strong foundation of values to use to make informed choices, both now and in the future. To build on this ethos, we host an annual

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are being taught, encouraging them to engage with their learning on a much deeper level.

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career aspirations day for our pupils. At our most recent one, we had 30 professionals who visited the school in order to give the Year 5 and 6 pupils the opportunity to get inspired and find out more about their potential future career options. As part of this, I invited FloydWoodrowMBE DCM- a former SAS soldier whom I met during my time at a previous school - to come and speak to the children about his Compass for Life programme with the aim of helping them work out exactly what they want to be when they grow up and how to achieve it .

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Tell us about your school dreams become a reality.

Filton Avenue Infant and Junior Schools.We are September 2015, formed from the merger of Filton Avenue Primary School opened in

Learning Academy Trust.We have a total of 4 based on two sites and are part of Trust in

pupils in total and aim to provide exciting learning classes in each year group, with around 800

opportunities both within school and the wider community, inspiring a love of learning.

So,what is Compass for Life ?

Compass for Life is a framework that provides pupils with a formula that empowers them to take responsibility for their own learning and achieve their ambitions in partnership with their teachers. It helps them to identify their ultimate goals and aspirations, based on the cardinal points of a compass. So for example, North is their ‘Super North Star’, their ultimate dream or end goal; East is their ‘Ethos’, their values and what they stand for; South is their ‘Strategy’, the steps they need to take on their journey; and West is their ‘Warrior’, their spirit, motivation and determination to achieve success.

Compass for Life is not just limited to academic goals, but helps to inspire and empower children to follow their dreams. It supports every aspect of learning in the current curriculum and gives meaning and purpose to the subjbjects the children

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As part of the careers day, the children spent two hours with Floyd where they talked about their Super North Stars, their Ethos, Strategies and Warrior Spirits, and created journey maps that helped demonstrate the steps they need to take in order to get to where they want to be. They then took them home to their parents to share their plans. All the pupils’ Super North Stars are now hung down our corridor so that every day when the children come to school, they are reminded of their goals, which helps to inspire their learning and spurs them on in lessons. The impact it’s had on the children has been

incredible.We had about 100 pupils in the hall - and I have to say, the staff were very sceptical - but the children were so engaged throughout the whole session. By the end, they all had a Super North Star and had completed their journey maps and were so enthusiastic. There's been a real buzz around the school ever since the aspiration day and they are still talking about Floyd now!

What Super North Stars have pupils come up with?

One child decided she wanted to be a dentist, so she planned it out, created her journey map and from there, went into the career aspirations session in the afternoon and spoke to one of the professionals there who was a dentist. It was amazing to be able to create that child’s ‘wow moment’ and then give them the opportunity to meet someone doin the skills needed, th

e steps they need to take to g that job, find out exactly

get there, and suddenly see that belief in them that they can actually do it and achieve it. It helps our careers fair become even more purposeful, as all the professionals can ask children what their

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