children’s paths, helping their visions become a Super North Star is and add real value to

solid and well-thought out, achievable goal. Is it effe fective for those pupilswhomay be disengaged fromtheir learning?

The opportunities for children in the surrounding disadvantaged backgrounds and those with EAL. children at our school, as well as children from We have a high number of Pupil Premium

for Life are so important in helping children realise between. This is why programmes like Compass areas that we live in are often few and far

that they can still have dreams beyond what’s on

become realities. It suddenly gives them a purpose their doorstep, and that those dreams can

- not only for what they’re learning, but for themselves as individuals.

There was one child at the start of the session

he couldn’t tell him. However, as the session went and when Floyd asked him what his dream was, who really didn’t know what he wanted to be

on, and he listened to Floyd talking about the

Navy. At the end of the session he stayed behind army, he decided that he wanted to join the

skills needed. You could see there was a moment to talk to Floyd about the job and the different

where this child realised we truly cared about his future. All of a sudden there was this little spark and a lightbulb moment that made him realise that this was the right career for him. I'm hoping that in about 8 years’ time, he is actually going to

me, that was one of the most powerful examples opportunities can help really change lives and for be in the Navy! It’s this realisation that these

of the day that really stuck with me.

What are thewider skills that pupils benefit from?

We are trying to build oracy in our school; our

the children can now talk about their strengths words that they should be using. Through this, themselves in a professional manner or use the children don't necessarily always conduct

getting to know these students and I have already started at the school in September, so I'm really endeavours, their pride and their belief. I only and weaknesses, their resilience, their

much they believe in themselves. Now they're seen a change in what they're doing and how

motivated and are regenerating the language they use and the elements of professionalism they show.We've planted the seed and are already seeing the impact it’s having. The best part is because we are well connected with our

secondary schools, it means we can keep a track of our pupils and see how they are progressing on their journey towards their Super North Stars .

Why do you think things like this are so important fo

for children?

For me, it's the first part of their journey when moving into secondary school.We talk about transition a lot but actually we know that when pupils get to secondary school, the years fly by and before they know it they’re having to choose their GCSEs and A-level subjects and consider work experience. Often, children will just opt what they know; for example, what their parents do as a career. That’s why it’s so important to get children thinking about it from a younger age in

bject choices will become a lot simpler for them because they know exactly what they need to do. To know that at Filton Avenue, we've already started generating that culture and ethos amongst our students is amazing .

order to better prepare them for life at secondary school and beyond. If they can start secondary school already having a clearer idea of knowing what they want to be, then work experience and subj

What are your next steps for the programme?


Engaging parents is our next step. This year was about focusing on inspiring the children and using the right language in the classroom so that they can go home with their journey maps and explain to parents each step of the compass and how it’s going to help accomplish their Super North Star. Next year, we want to run a session with parents so that we get complete buy-in both at school and home supporting children

in all aspects of their journey. , and ensure that we are

There are also resources and materials that come as part of the programme, which we will be able to embed into other lessons as well as using an online platform for our teachers to share best practice and trade ideas with other schools using the programme.

So,whatwould you say to any schools considering Compass for Life? If you want to inspir absolutely your first

step. It creates a buzz and a e your children then this is

real understanding - the children believe in it as well as the staff.When the children can talk about what their Super North Star is, you’re already halfway there; you create engagement and aspiration. It makes them want to learn because they know exactly what they need in order to take their next steps. The programme also perfectly aligns to the Government’s plans for benchmarking character education, helping children to become more well-rounded, resilient and confident individuals. For me, it’s an absolute no-brainer!

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