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Big Lottery Fund winner for HeadStart Kernow. (in association with Centre for Child to 400 schools in the UK and in every Primary and Secondary school in Cornwall. Trauma Informed Schools UK have provided Mental Health and K

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TCT, a market-leading specialist awarding organisation, has announced the appointment of three new members to its board of trustees. VTCT welcomes Executive Director ofMSquaredMedia, Jayne Lewis-Orr, formerWelsh Language CommissionerMeri Huws, and Consultant to the professional association sector, Stephanie Richardson.

To enhance VTCT’s continued core mission, the new trustees will hold vital positions within VTCT; responsible for overall governance, leadership of the organisation with strategic direction and financial health. The expansion allows a focus on the organisation’s charitable purposes, whilst providing qualifications and resources which support the challenges and opportunities faced by learners, educators and businesses.

AlanWoods OBE, CEO at VTCT & iTEC, said: “We are delighted to welcome Meri, Stephanie and Jayne to the Board of Trustees. They will significantly add to the already excellent mix of skills and we’re proud to be able to attract individuals who are dynamic and well-respected in their fields.”

Downside Primary School children learn tomake healthier food choices

In its 100th Year, Elect A ctrolux Partnerswith Coo k School Charity ty to Give Food Education Lessons to

prons tied, hands washed, sleeves rolled up; yesterday children at Downside Primary School in Luton got creative in the kitchen with a tasty helping of food education from Cook School, thanks to a partnership with local business, Electrolux.

Marking its 100th anniversary, Electrolux has made a global commitment to take action on food-related challenges, with a mission to inspire and engage 300,000 children, consumers and professionals to adopt better food habits and sustainable ways of cooking by 2030.

Aiming to provide children with the skills needed to cook well-balanced, sustainable meals and educate families on the importance of nutrition for long-term health, Cook School, aided by Electrolux employees, helped 300 kids make mouth-watering oven-baked vegetable samosas – a cost-effective recipe designed to minimise food waste and created especially for children to recreate for their families at home.

Chris George, UK Head ofMarketing for Electrolux said, “We know that 28%of 2-15 year olds in England are estimated to be overweight or obese. Research shows that children who learn to cook at a young age tend to make healthier food choices throughout their life.With this in mind, Zanussi and to inspire better n make a real,

choices for children and families across the UK and in tur Cook School will team up to host weekly cooking classes

positive difference to childhood obesity, diabetes and food wastage.” Amanda Grant, Founder of Cook School explained, “We’re delighted to be

Electrolux and mobile Zanussi ovens, we’re really excited to bring Cook School positive impact on children’s lives.With the much-valued volunteers from partnering with Zanussi who share our passion to make a profound and

in the UK. 2019 is just the beginning. By the end of 2020 we’ll deliver weekly School will reach more schools and therefore help more children and families classes to Luton primary schools. Longer term, this partnership means Cook

42 July/ y/August 2019 to Local Primary ry Schools

Zanussi Cook School classes in at least 30 schools nationwide to empower children and their families to make healthier and more sustainable eating choices.” Following the Luton launch, the initiative will be rolled out nationwide, with Zanussi and Cook School providing weekly cooking classes to ten schools by September 2019.

The following local Zanussi Cook School events will be held at: St Joseph’s Catholic Junior School, Gardenia Ave, Luton LU3 2NS, UK

StMargaret's, Rotheram Ave, Luton LU1 5PP – Tuesday 9th July 2019: 9am to 3.30PM

– Friday 12th July 2019 : 9am to 3.30PM

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