Casino International spoke with JCM’s EMEA Sales Director Marcus Schmitz about the latest suite of validators from a company that has frequently set the standards for the gaming industry.

H of the past. JCM is not a company to rest on its laurels though, and

recently launched the UBA Pro series of validators. It’s one family of products that covers multiple markets, and is likely to be the company’s key product globally possibly for the next decade – and beyond. Marcus explained…

Casino International: Tell us about UBA Pro please Marcus…

believe a new

industry standard is set with the launch of the UBA Pro

series 28 JULY 2019 ” …we

Marcus Schmitz: The UBA Pro family is a new set of bill validators & bill recyclers from JCM, and it will be key for us globally. It is of course essentially bill validation, transporting a bill from point A to point B; but we have led the industry for a long time now, since IGT first started installing our validators, and we continue to set the standards that others aspire to. Where we go, sooner or later the industry follows. Essentially, we had two big players in the late 80s using our bill validators – one in North America and another one in Europe, and that allowed us to set high standards for the industry over the years. UBA Pro is a continuation of our legacy.

CI: What is so special about the UBA Pro suite?

MS: Now we have a new series of bill validators, a new generation, and because it includes a recycler it gives a huge opportunity for cash management in arcades, in different locations and markets. It’s basically a product suite that can be used in a casino, a gambling hall, or an arcade, in different configurations. One is just the validator, as it might be used in a machine in a casino; for the street market you might take a recycler with a two-denomination payout; and if you have a small amusement location with a shop or something like that attached, you might use a four-drum recycler and you can manage a small point of sale that way.

– the new standard in validators

istorically, JCM has a special place in gaming, with the adoption of their validators for slots one of the major stepping stones to where we are today. Now, validators are found in all casino gaming machines and coin-in is largely a thing

This is all with one series, the UBA Pro series, and it is really quite important. The other big advantage for all of our existing customers is

that we have sold almost two million bill UBA validators – but we have made the new series compatible with the apparatus of older models. So the industry doesn’t need to change the faceplate, connectors, power supplies, nothing. It’s backwards compatible so operators don’t have to upgrade everything around it. We also have the iPro series which runs parallel to the

UBA market, and we have done the same there – it is 100% compatible.

CI: You sound very proud of the new products…

MS: We are, very proud that we can now show the industry the bill validator that will be around for the next ten to 15 years, with the different configurations. This is the next generation and we would like to assure our customers that we have listened about compatibility, their wishes for improved speed and recognition technology, all of that. It has taken time to develop this product suite but we believe a new industry standard is set with the launch of the UBA Pro series.

CI: Does this replace iVIZION?

MS: No. iVIZION is a product designed especially for the casino industry in the United States. Major OEMs, are also using them in European and Asian casinos; originally there was a huge demand for iVIZION in the US initially though. And it will stay as it is, because some of its technology like the Contact Image Sensor is unique. UBA Pro is quite a different product and approach from iVIZION. In the US, iVIZION is dominating the casino market; in

Europe, because we like to use cash, we had to develop the next generation UBA series for all of its applications, not only for casinos but the street market, which is huge in Germany, Spain, the UK – but they are not casinos. There is great demand but it is different, and they might not need everything that the casino market needs, so iVIZION might not be the right product for those markets.

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