Bushboard backs British forces veterans

key roles within the company. “We used an agency that specialises in ex-military job seekers,” said Lindy Tegg. “We find that ex forces people are committed, hardworking, self-motivated and happy to take a high level of responsibility – all qualities as important to us at Bushboard as they are to HM Forces.


eading worktop and bathroom panel manufacturer Bushboard has recruited ex-military personnel for several

Franke staff take on British Heart Foundation Hydration Challenge

Throughout July, Franke staff have been exploring the benefits of drinking more tap water by taking on the British Heart Foundation challenge which encourages employees to increase their daily fluid intake over the course of a month. Recently installed at their Manchester headquarters the new Vital Capsule filter tap was put through its paces during the challenge. Forty staff took part in the initiative, which promotes the principle that being well-hydrated can help employees to work to their full potential, feel healthier and be more energised. It raises awareness of the hydration guidelines and challenges employees to increase their daily intake of water to the recommended 1.6 litres for women and 2 litres for men, while keeping a log of their progress and how they feel as a result. Jeanette Ward, communications manager at Franke says: “The health

Caption left to right: Gary Bannister, Lee Palmer, Alan Ball, Samuel Gorf all military veterans join the Bushboard employee team.

Former RAF Weapons Engineer, Lee Palmer, has been appointed as a

Quality Engineer for Bushboard. Lee who served for over 20 years carried out tours to all the high-profile combat zones including Northern Ireland, The Falklands and Afghanistan. He said “Working on complex and demanding projects for the Harrier Squadron, Bomb Disposal and on engineering ejection seats was an amazing and challenging career. It’s great to know Bushboard recognise the value of such high quality, but transferable skills.” Similarly, it was a big step from operating a high-tech weapons system,

battling pirates or being in control of a platoon of young recruits to working in the commercial world. Alan Ball, now a Technical Manager with the company was an advance Javelin operator in the artillery. The Javelin is a guided shoulder launch missile system for taking out enemy aircraft. “I was very fortunate to never fire this in anger, says Alan. “I was based in Germany and England during my 3.5 years in the Army. Being in the Army gave me discipline and strength and loyalty in my early years and these qualities are still are a strong part of my life today and are positives that I can bring to my job.” Samuel Gorf has traded a life on the ocean wave to join Bushboard as

Maintenance Engineer. He served with the Royal Navy for eight years as a Weapons Engineer looking after sonar, radar and communications systems on four different ships – and sailed on anti-piracy patrols in the Gulf of Aden. “His job in the Navy called for incredible attention to detail – a quality we value here at Bushboard.” said Tegg Gary Bannister spent 16 years with REME – the Royal Electrical and

Mechanical Engineers who look after the Army’s many different vehicles. At the end of his Army career, he was Automotive Production Manager in charge of a workshop with a staff of 12 and supporting a medical unit on deployments around the world. Bushboard felt that his experience and the level of responsibility it entailed would make him the ideal candidate for the post of Lean Practitioner – a job that involves spending time in all departments making sure that processes and procedures are in place and that everything is running as smoothly as it can. Bushboard is continuing to recruit ex forces personnel “We have been

very happy with the quality of those we have recruited,” said Tegg “and we are pleased to be able to support our ex-service personnel.”

benefits of staying hydrated are well-known, but in a busy working day it can be difficult to find the time to get the recommended intake of water. By encouraging each other throughout the challenge and completing a daily record of our fluid intake, it’s been much easier to incorporate drinking water into everyday activities, particularly with access to the new Vital Capsule filter tap and our handy refill bottles which cuts down on single use plastic. “Those who signed up have all reported positive benefits including better concentration, improved sleep, clearer skin and feeling more energised. Now the challenge is complete we plan to keep up the good work and continue drinking our recommended intake.”

BAL helps fix school 150th anniversary celebrations

BAL has helped an Uxbridge school celebrate its 150th anniversary by providing fixing materials for a special tiled mural on the side of the building featuring a tree made up of handprints from every one of the 250 plus pupils and staff. Site manager Gerry McGuire tiled the mural using BAL’s Flex One enhanced S1 standard set adhesive and grouted with Micromax2 in Snow. Suitable for use internally or externally, Flex One has revolutionised the standard-set category with a long open and working time, excellent non-slip properties and six-hour set. BAL Flex

One gives fixers the freedom to perform with a thixotropic and fluid formulation with shape memory, full wettability and super smooth gel rheology plus use up to 15mm bed depth which aids building out in problematic isolated areas on external render. BAL provided the materials plus a full specification and fixing guidance through it’s free Technical Advisory Service.

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