NEWS ‘A credible and trustworthy alternative’

Upon launching its latest home appliances range, Sharp’s UK Sales Manager, Robert Woollard, tells ERT it helps position the brand in the “perfect sweet spot” by offering a compelling value proposition between the market’s high-end and entry-level products.

performance everyone can trust. It’s all geared towards a real-life benefit for the consumer and is driven by our outstanding product and R&D teams.


Q: How will these products stand out in the market? RW: We’re working with retailers to ensure they understand what sets our products apart. We purposely position ourselves in that perfect sweet spot between the market’s high-end and entry-level products. This makes us the ideal option for someone looking to spend a little extra for the quality and peace of mind, while also being a credible and reliable way to save money compared to the established premium brands without sacrificing on spec.


ast month, Sharp unveiled its latest 2021 range of home appliances across laundry, dishwashing and cooling aiming to “put the ease back into home life” with a focus on

sustainability and energy-saving. There’s the flagship 10kg 1,400rpm washing

machine and the freestanding full size SuperQuiet dishwasher – these both feature Sharp’s Advanced Inverter Motor (AIM) brushless technology resulting in a quieter and more eco- friendly performance. Completing the collection is the brand’s

American-style four door refrigerator and also a new line of tumble dryers. To find out about the inspiration behind this

new range, ERT spoke to Robert Woollard, UK Sales Manager at Sharp. He said the company wants to rival the

market’s premium brands with “fantastic specs and quality products” while offering consumers value for money. “The white goods sector is often quite static,” said

Mr Woollard. “By offering features above and beyond what consumers expect for the product price points, alongside Sharp’s strong brand heritage, we believe we’re well placed in the market.”


Q: What is your aim with this new range and what are some of the benefits? Robert Woollard: : Sharp is a brand people know and trust as a supplier of quality appliances, over lesser-known competitor names. We’ve leaned into that with some nice little nods to our heritage, such as red detailing on our products, reflecting the brand colours. We are also able to harness Sharp’s power,

scale and R&D expertise and investment to deliver design-led products that are visually striking and on-trend, as well as innovative inside. For example, each AIM appliance is backed by a 10-year motor warranty, delivering reliable

Q: Do you expect a strong home improvement trend to continue in 2021? RW: Our attitudes to our homes have changed irreversibly over the past 12-months as we have all come to realise what it means to feel at home and comfortable where we live. We’re also massively helped by our retailers who have catered for our younger, tech-savvy customer base really well. Those consumers have found they have had more time to research about their purchases in-depth and that has led them to us – lending a welcome boost to the launch of our new ranges. With people looking likely to continue to work

from home in some capacity in 2021 and beyond, we expect we’ll continue to see an increased demand for improving the home overall, although not to the same level as 2020.

Q: Do you have plans to expand the range? RW: We always keep a close eye on emerging consumer trends to ensure that where there is an opportunity to add value, we are ready to embrace those opportunities. Later in the year we will introduce a new cooking range from Sharp that will offer the same combination of great high-end specs at mid-range price points.

Q: What are your ambitions for the year ahead? RW: Firstly, establishing this new range in the market. We want to showcase our products as much as possible; we believe in them and we want to put them in front of consumers so they can gain first-hand experience.

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