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April 2021

LG’s 2021 OLED TV line-up

26 The JX940 series will have particular appeal for

sports and gaming enthusiasts. It features the new HCX Pro AI processor and Intelligent Clear Motion also smooths out dynamic actions for flicker-free viewing. It also comes with a 120Hz, bright HDR Cinema Display Pro panel with wide viewing angles. Dolby Atmos support also delivers room-filling stadium sound. Panasonic’s previous generation HCX

processor now appears on core models such as the JX800 series – what it calls “an ideal budget- friendly family TV”.

Smart and simple In terms of TV features, Futuresource Consulting’s Living with Digital consumer research last year revealed the top things TV owners in the UK are looking for in their next TV purchase. Surprisingly, options such as OLED/QLED and

8K were not at the top of their wish lists, in fact outranked by the ability to operate a TV set using a voice assistant such as Google or Alexa. This emphasises that consumers

crave simplicity of a user interface in addition to good picture quality. Smart features topped the list. Second on

consumers’ checklists is 4K UHD capabilities, with a larger screen the third priority. On the smart front, TCL’s C Series comes with

the latest Android TV version 11 system built-in with Google Assistant for hands-free voice control; Amazon Alexa is also usable. Google Duo also works on TCL Android TV

for big-screen video calls thanks to the magnetic 1080P wide angle video camera on the C82 Series. Not only this, but TikTok is also available! On

all 2021 TCL models. Bringing trending content into homes across the UK, TikTok’s TV app has been specifically created for the TV home- viewing experience. Another point made by James Thomas, Product

Manager of Home Entertainment at LG, is that ease of use and connectivity is another feature evident on consumers’ checklists for TV technology; as a result the company has redesigned its popular Magic Remote for simpler controls when using voice recognition with LG’s multi-AI offerings.

Future-focused Looking to the future, there are various opinions about what consumers will be after. For example, Mr Bhatoye from Hisense believes Mini-LED will break through – the benefit over conventional LED backlighting is that it can be more precise, providing better black levels and an improved contrast, as well as brighter colours. “Another technology we see as a focus in 2021

New C82 Series TV from TCL

is Laser TV technology,” he says, “covering screen sizes from 80 to 120-inch! Hisense Laser TV utilises a thin and lightweight screen that hangs effortlessly to display breath-taking 4K Ultra HD resolution.

“Hisense is changing the way people watch TV

and we believe that people are no longer intimidated by size. What’s more, due to the anti- reflective, ambient light-rejecting screen, you can place the Laser TV in a standard naturally-lit room, and the X-Fusion Laser Light produces razor-sharp images with pinpoint precision while also preventing unwanted light dispersion. “To cap it off, it comes with Dolby Atmos for

epic surround sound that moves all around you.” Futuresource’s Mr Wetherill makes an

interesting final point: “While the pandemic and its ongoing impact remains volatile, in terms of spend on entertainment services, the reopening of cinemas will reduce our reliance on the TV for enjoying movies. “It’s a double-edged sword for home

entertainment; it will mean fresh content for digital services later in the year, but it also coincides with the lifting restrictions, with consumers keen to spend their time and money on alternative activities.” So, what could this mean for the TV market for the rest of 2021 and beyond?

Mitchell & Brown’s latest KBL range – The Edge

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