100 YEARS OF TRADING A historic milestone for the company is commemorated with a centenary edition catalogue, highlighting its commitment to growth and product development.


n addition to marking 100 years of business, the new catalogue, available next month, offers 928 pages of tools

and equipment. With a new structure and order, the Draper Tools said it’s “easier than ever before to find the products you need inside.” The catalogue is packed with innovation, marking Draper Tools’ dedication to constantly reviewing and expanding its range, in order to bring customers the latest products and features.

New highlights include the D20 power tools range and a completely new collection of storage chests and cabinets. The new catalogue also sees Draper Tools investing heavily in its ever-

growing automotive range for the professional workshop, with new equipment such as a digital wheel aligner, a hydraulic scissor jack and a series of pneumatic jacks too.

Commitment to quality While the company’s offering may have changed and expanded over its 100-year history, Draper Tools has said its dedication to quality and customer service has remained a constant. Draper chairman John Draper, said: “We are proud to have reached this important milestone in our company history and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped us get here.

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“Although we have grown a lot over the last century, we still like to think of ourselves as a no-nonsense,


customer-focused tool supplier. Quality and reliability are still very much at the heart of the business and this will continue as we progress and grow into 2019 and beyond.” Originally established in 1919 by Bert Draper, Draper Tools is still family owned and run today by the fourth generation of the Draper family. To mark the momentous occasion,

the centenary edition

catalogue opens with a personal welcome note and message of thanks from the Draper family. The family has always had a

strong involvement in the creation of the catalogue, stretching all the way back to 1953, when Joan Draper

produced the company’s first type- written


almost single-handedly, Joan Draper,

wife of former chairman Norman, passed away in 1999 but the staff at Draper Tools feel the new centenary catalogue is a fitting tribute to her legacy, and something she would have been very proud to see.

Year-long celebrations Right now, a year-long celebration of the company’s 100-year anniversary in 2019 is in progress, where the company will be offering exclusive promotions, competitions, charity fundraising and a staff party all in the pipeline, and each month it has saEid there will be special edition centenary products launched at great prices.


“Real solutions for

real people”

The Rainy Day Trust has been helping vulnerable people from the home improvement and enhancement industries since 1843. In that time, there have been a couple of name changes, but the ethos and sentiment have remained the same – help those who are struggling and do it with compassion and understanding.

We’ve developed a series of programmes designed specifically to meet the needs of a changing population that adapt over time and can be

combined into a meaningful package. We help older people, working families and apprentices; whoever needs us, because as we’ve always said “Who knows what tomorrow may bring?”

Call us on 0203 192 0486 or visit

8 DIY WEEK 22 MARCH 2019

If you are interested in supporting the Rainy Day Trust please contact us:

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