10 minutes with... Sarah Ravenscroft

Fundraising manager at the Rainy Day Trust

What have you learned from previous roles and how does this help you provide insight when fundraising for the Rainy Day Trust? I learned about how important trust is and about building strong relationships with all stakeholders – beneficiaries, volunteers, sponsors and donors – and others with whom the charity interacts. Nobody is likely to give money away to someone they don’t trust.

What is background in the industry? None except doing up my own 400-year-old weaver’s cottage and Edwardian terraced house. I did also work for a building preservation trust, so I do know a bit about heritage building and remedial techniques.


Culcita appoints new UK commercial manager The garden furniture specialist has announced the appointment of Martyn Walker as commercial manager for the UK. Mr Walker brings a wealth of knowledge and commercial

experience to the role and, as part of the Culcita team, will be responsible for developing and nurturing new and existing business. His commercial experience spans over 30 years. He started his career at Asda where he spent 13 years working across a number of categories. From there he joined Argos, where he has spent the last 17 years, again working across various categories. Mr Walker said he was

delighted to be joining the company, adding: “I am looking forward to getting started and meeting up with all of our existing valued customers along with potential new ones.”

in marketing and business

development, will be responsible for inspecting member garden centres in North Thames, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Iain Wylie, GCA chief executive,

Jane Lawler joins GCA team of inspectors The Garden Centre Association has this month (March, 2019) welcomed Jane Lawler as its new inspector. Ms Lawler, has more than 35 years’ experience

6 DIY WEEK 22 MARCH 2019

said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Jane join Alyson Haywood, Michael Cole and Gordon Emslie on our team of inspectors. “She will be integral in helping us to ensure consistency and raising standards through our membership and will visit approximately 40 of our members’ centres

each detailed spring,

each one to given criteria, using our


scoring form,

and giving objective and honest feedback on what she has seen.

L-R: April Raven, Charlotte Prentice, Domenic Guglielmucci, Emily Swindells, Tara Truman Briers team joins Smart Garden Products

Smart Garden Products has confirmed that the following staff has joined Smart from Briers: • Tara Truman:

national account manager • Charlotte Prentice: key account manager • Domenic Guglielmucci: assistant category manager

“She will also make

presentations at our regional meetings and during our annual conference in 2020. “The 2019 inspections for member garden centres commence on March 18 and the inspectors are out visiting them until June 14, so those in North Thames, Scotland and Northern Ireland can expect to see Jane soon.”

Ms Lawler began her career in horticultural field trials with Pan Britannica Industries Ltd and then went on to work in customer services, advisory roles and technical product development before expanding her interest in marketing.

Kingfisher announces retirement of chief transformation officer Kingfisher announces that Steve Willett, chief transformation officer, has decided to retire. Mr Willett has held

• April Raven: graphic designer • Emily Swindells: data & content controller Jonathan Stobart, managing

director of Smart Garden products commented: “We’re delighted

to welcome this cohort of Briers personnel into

What does a day in the role of fundraising manager typically entail, and what are the most challenging/rewarding aspects? There is no typical day, which in itself, I enjoy because I like the variety. I might be thanking the relative of someone who has left a gift to us in their will, negotiating a sponsorship deal with a local business or writing a funding bid. Another day I might be analysing feedback data and attending an awards dinner to receive a donation.

What motivates you? Helping people in need.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? You never know who you are speaking to, so never dismiss anyone. This goes along with my personal ethos of treating everyone I meet with respect.

Do you think the charity is being utilised to its full potential? The charitable objectives of RDT are to work across the UK, and to work at full potential would mean that in every town in the UK we are visible and accessible to the people we are here to serve. We can achieve this by growing a network of volunteer ambassadors who can talk about us and share the news that we are here to help when times are tough...

our business which will help us integrate the Briers product ranges into Smart and develop the brand ongoing. We now have a firm grip

on the supply chain for gloves & boots and are rebuilding stock levels as fast as we can to help customers with supply ongoing.”

steered the growth of Screwfix from 2005 as CEO for seven years and as Screwfix chairman until now. Other roles have included

chief digital said: in “I and

IT officer and CEO group development & productivity. Mr Willett


enjoyed a long and incredibly varied career at Kingfisher. I am proud of what our teams have

achieved I spent many years improving

Kingfisher’s digital and IT capability. I am also immensely proud of the growth of Screwfix where

several senior roles in Kingfisher. He

guiding growth with a fantastic leadership team. I would like to thank all the great people I have worked with along the way.”

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