money and time in carrying out serious DIY tasks themselves. Henkel category manager, Paul Bagnall says: “It is no secret the DIY market is changing at a rapid rate. So, the industry must change how it goes to market.” DIY skills were traditionally handed down from generation to generation but that is no longer happening, so the knowledge and confidence to carry out DIY tasks is not there. Paul says, in order to ensure the growth of the adhesives and sealants market, it needs to adapt and appeal to a younger market who, don’t necessarily have the skills, but still want to renovate their homes and bathrooms. “The future growth in sealants is dependent upon manufacturers producing more products that are effective and easier to use so that they entice the ever-growing market of younger renters and those that don’t-want-to or can’t- do serious DIY but want to say make-over their bathroom. The retailer needs to ensure his fixture is easy to shop so the consumer

finds the product he needs whilst remembering they can influence their decision to buy a cheap or a value-for-money sealant.” Paul continues: “With adhesives it’s much the same we need to clearly

state the distinguishing

benefits of the product on pack, in TV ad’s or digital campaigns and provide simple instructions on the use of their adhesive. The retailers can ensure the fixture is easy to shop. And at the end of all this, the consumer gets the product that performs to expectation, is suitable for their level of skill, and is affordable.”

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However Craig Pawson, flooring specialist at Osmo UK, says with so many products available on the market, it is no surprise that users reach for the nearest tub rather than consider the products further when choosing the adhesive. Craig says the topic of adhesives is not so easy for the manufacturers, who “face the ongoing challenge of producing safe adhesives which comply with all the required standards as well as meeting the customer’s demands.

As a retailer, what do you struggle most with in the adhesives & sealants category?


The best time to promote the category,

Getting customers to engage with and understand the category


When considering all the qualities that are sought after in an adhesive, you start to realise why there are so many choices on the market – freeze-thaw stability, peel and shear strength, low odour and moisture tolerance to name a few.” Adhesives and sealants remain an

area with huge potential for growth, should the industry develop itself along with its new customer base, produce simpler products for the customer that lacks the skills, and encourage them to do it themselves by offering expertise, both in store and online.


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