UniBond No More Nails

Click & Fix

We asked Paul Bagnall, Category Manager at Henkel what’s so good about their new product No More Nails Click & Fix, soon to be advertised on TV

What’s amazing about Click & Fix? Click & Fix is a super easy pre-dosed mounting glue applicator. The first of its kind in grab adhesives; with every ‘click’ you get a consistent extra strong glue application to enable a ‘fix’ of anything to anything. There is no need for a cartridge gun & it creates no mess, plus the formulation has high initial tack, is super strong, and is suitable for all materials in all conditions.

Why is Click & Fix better than any other on the market? There isn’t a comparable mounting glue applicator in the market. Click & Fix sits under the UniBond No More Nails brand. Which allows for easy mounting applications without the need for hammers, nails, drills or screws. The pre-dosed glue dots enable light DIYers to do their mounting jobs with ease and without causing a mess. It is repositionable for 5-10 minutes, It has really exceptional initial tack eliminating the need for holding or clamping, and the new ‘click & fix’ formulation makes it suitable for use on many materials in very arduous conditions.

Why should a retailer stock Click & Fix? Our Click & Fix product appeals to light or novice DIYers and even crafters that currently feel apprehensive about performing a mounting job and would prefer an expert to do it for them. As a result, we hope to attract a whole new group of DIYers and drive category growth for grab adhesives.

Will you be advertising Click & Fix on TV? We feel so strongly about the appeal of this innovation that we will be investing in a TV and digital campaign to increase the awareness of Click & Fix from April to September this year on ITV, Ch4, Sky, Ch5, More 4.

Is Click & Fix part of a range? Click & Fix is part of the UniBond No More Nails family but is aimed at targeting the lightest of DIYers by offering them a convenient easy to use product for their mounting job needs.

What are the early signs you have a winner in Click & Fix ? Good question, last year the DIY Week Awards judges all of which were buyers and other eminent people in the industry awarded Click & Fix DIY Week DIY Product of the Year, and this year, Click & Fix was voted ‘Product of the Year’ in a consumer survey of over 10,000 people. See back page for further details. 22 MARCH 2019 DIY WEEK 21

New No More Nails Click & Fix sticks anything to anything. All materials. All conditions.

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