3. Hamilton’s expression range Hamilton’s Expression range features Angled brushes and TriTech™

Precision brushes for

comfort and control control. Hamilton’s MaxStroke™ filaments feature across the entire Expression range – super, fine tips that give a flawless finish. The Expression Precision brush combines MaxStroke™

filaments with 1

1. Marley Lautec provides bespoke outdoor solution

Marley Alutec has produced a bespoke Evoke fascia, soffit and coping system for a customer’s new outdoor barbeque area in Grantham. The same Marley Alutec Evoke solution in RAL 9005 Black that was originally installed on the rear extension, was specified to ensure a uniform aesthetic. Evoke fascias and soffits were installed, and Marley Alutec produced matching bespoke coping and wrap- around column casing that was pre-routed, enabling it to be folded and formed on site by the installer. To avoid any visible fixings, a sophisticated panel bonding system was used to secure the coping into place.

a triangular head to precisely finish smaller, awkward areas such as slim frames, profiles and corners. A plastic cover is provided to protect the head and allow the brush to be kept moist when stored for up to 72 hours. It is available in 15mm and 20mm sizes.

The Expression Angled brushes use angle-cut MaxStroke™ cutting-in.

Available in both 35mm and 70mm sizes, all Hamilton Expression brushes are vapour box compatible. filaments for precise and consistent 5

5. Promat expands fire protection offer Promat has launched a new 60-minute fire protection board for steel encasements called Promatect-XW, which can be used to cost- effectively safeguard steel columns and beams at limiting temperatures from 300ºC to 650°C, making it ideally suited for multi-residential, commercial, healthcare and education projects Thanks to its resistance to water, weather and mould, the board can be left exposed on site for up to three months. This means it can be installed early in the construction phase, before a building is watertight, giving greater flexibility in the build timetable. At just 15mm, the frameless, A1 non-combustible board is often thinner than other fire resistance materials, saving valuable space across a development. The board has also been independently certified by Warringtonfire.

3 2

2. RWV relies on valves with JG Speedfit RWC’s new Reliance Valves features push-fit connections from JG Speedfit. The valves that are now available with push-fit connections include the Easifit® Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) – 15mm, the 312 Compact Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) – 15mm and 22mm, the Nickel-Plated Ball Valve – 15mm and 22mm, and the Automatic Air Vent – 15mm. The Easifit TMV from this range precisely blends hot and cold water to a safe and comfortable temperature, to protect users from scalding. This valve is compliant with both TMV2 and TMV3 schemes and has received much love from installers due to its small size, that simplifies installations in tight spaces, such as underneath baths.

40 4. Timloc Seal the Deal

Timloc Building Products has launched the Rad-Seal Face-Fix, the new radiator pipe guide and seal created for quick and easy installation.

Acting as an efficient barrier against air-leakage, the Rad-Seal Face-Fix helps to preserve room temperatures and reduces energy consumption and costs for the homeowner. For plumbers and contractors, it is a simple yet effective way to help achieve Part L’s required air leakage performance.


6. Bond It stops the cracks Bond It has launched a new sealant to compliment its already growing silicone and sealant range. No Crack Caulk, under the Companys Superheros Brand, is a water resistant, high quality decorators caulk that prevents craze cracking when painted. This white, solvent-free, water- based sealant is highly flexible, with a joint movement capability up to 12.5% and can be overpainted within 1 hour. The hard wearing Caulk contains a fungicide to retard mould growth and is suitable for use on both interior and exterior jobs. Adheres to most surfaces without the use of a primer and is non-corrosive to metals. It is more resistant to movement than most standard caulks and is longer lasting. Perfect for sealing around window frames, architraves,cornices PVC profile trim & cladding, plasterboard joints and for sealing cracks and gaps in plaster, brickwork, concrete, skirting boards and walls.

6 November 2020

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